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I don't have anything to do. Will you listen to my love story?

1 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 10:56:35.77 ID:BeDcEal20
About three years ago, I went to Akihabara for the first time in my life. To buy eroge and doujinshi.
I'd been a closet otaku all my life until then. That means, I'd never been to Comiket and I'd been getting all my books and games by mail order. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about entering the Holy Land for the first time.
You may think "Oh come on, it's just Akihabarawwwwww", but there I was, with a map in one hand and my body trembling like crazy.

2 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 10:57:31.48 ID:Igp2wYch0
You go to Akihabara to buy eroge and doujinshi and you call yourself a closet otaku?

3 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 10:58:25.18 ID:Igp2wYch0
When you start calling Akihabara the Holy Land...
you know you're a hopeless case.

4 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 10:59:20.81 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I hope you've already written it all out. You're not going to make us wait hours for every post, are you?

5 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 10:59:39.48 ID:BeDcEal20
I'd already decided on the stores I wanted to go to and since all stores were located in the center of Akihabara, I was able to get around in the Holy Land without getting lost.
When I saw the huge sacks of air freshener stuff planted in every corner of a certain store, I was genuinely moved that it wasn't just an urban legend after all.

6 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:00:19.18 ID:Igp2wYch0
This guy is beyond help.

7 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:02:14.31 ID:BeDcEal20
Actually, I haven't!!!! I haven't, so please be patient with me.

And well, I'd soon finished my first exploration of the Holy Land and headed to the nearest station of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, still feeling exalted.
In front of the station, just when I'd passed a park that was in front of a maid cafe (called Pinafore?), I heard someone call out to me.

8 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:04:16.73 ID:sJGphCQz0
If this is post #8, OP shits his pants.

9 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:04:46.20 ID:BeDcEal20
It was a group of three men who didn't look otaku-like, but more like, I dunno, fine young men.
They asked me if I know the way to a certain store, probably a restaurant, so I quickly answered "I don't know", frantically trying to hide my bag of spoils of that day from their sight.

10 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:05:46.86 ID:DMEuIL23O
OP shits his pantswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
OP shits his pantswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
OP shits his pantswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
OP shits his pantswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
OP shits his pantswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

11 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:06:40.10 ID:zgjLI0R40
 |  \      i"`ノ __  ヽ‐"    ヽ_ノ  ヽ'    ,ノ ノ
   ヽ   `'‐‐フ   ''" ,‐´  _,.\ ,i´ ̄\        |" ,.‐"
    ``'‐--''´     /,. ‐''"  ヽ|/,‐"``'‐`:、      `"
              |     │    ●│
              |      │      │
              | ●    │     │
             │,.‐''"´ ̄ ̄``'‐.、   ,i
             ノ   ,-、   ,.‐, \/
    i´`、      /   ││   ," |   ヽ      , 、
    |  i,      │   ││   |  |   │    ノ )
     i、 L、_    /   ノ ,i   `-´    │   ノ  ノ、
   ,i´ i,-  )  Λ   (_ ノ        Λ  / つ/  )
  (  /´ヽ /   / |\           Λ ヽ (   ``)
   ``、   `、 │ |│`'‐.、 ____,.,‐''´| | │  >  i''
     `:、  ヽ │ | |  |_ノ、ノ  i_ ノ-;´ノ │ /  /
      ヽ  ヽ │ | ゙i ̄ /  ̄\  / / / /  /
       ゙i   ゙i \`、゙i/     `v´ / ノ /  /
        ゙i   ゙i   ゙ヽ ゙i、       / /"´ ノ  /
         ゙i   ゙i  ヽ \__/| /  /  /
          ゙i     `、   ヽ.ノ ノ    /
           `     ``'--‐''"    ‐''"

12 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:08:10.18 ID:BeDcEal20
All I had in mind was to quickly go home and enjoy my spoils which is why I didn't want to waste time any more time with them.
But for some reason, one of the three men kept looking at one of my hands.
Wondering what it is he's looking at, I followed his gaze with my eyes and realized it was my cell phone strap.

13 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:11:07.21 ID:RANjOmSoO
What?w >>1 You're a woman?

14 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:12:40.52 ID:BeDcEal20
It's a normal-looking strap a friend gave me years ago, but the man asked me "Do you like that?" for some reason.
As it turns out, it was a strap with the logo of a men's fashion brand on it.
And the man happens to be working at a store of the brand, or so he said.
It's not like I know anything about men's fashion brands. I bet I sounded extremely indifferent when I gave him a half-assed reply like "Oh, really...".

He said they're having a sale soon and asked me to drop by with a friend or so. Then he gave me some sort of business card of said store.

15 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:14:59.42 ID:zJvXo4K90
Stop calling it the Holy Land. Gives me the creeps.

16 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:16:18.96 ID:k4LLVlsjO
And then?

17 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:16:51.11 ID:BeDcEal20
Yeah, I'm a woman. That's why I was so nervous about going to Akihabara.
By the way, I'm not a fujoshi.

Okay, so you guys might be thinking he's the one, but no. My love story is not about him and me.
Let me put it simply so there aren't any misunderstandings. The group of three fine young men actually turned out to be a group of four guys.
The fourth guy came running to us saying stuff like "They didn't have any cigarettes, sir!". How do I describe him? He looked a lot like, umm, Kucchi from Genshiken. Imagine Kucchi wearing a tote bag with lots of can badges on it.

18 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:17:20.72 ID:zgjLI0R40
Are you a man or a woman? Make it clear!

19 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:18:05.90 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Still no new post?

20 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:18:39.89 ID:DMEuIL23O
Don't tell me he ends every sentence with "sir".

21 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:22:59.99 ID:BeDcEal20
The can badges guy said "What are you doing? You're not supposed to flirt with women." to the business card guy, all the while looking at me with a huge smirk on his face. To be honest, he was creeping me out.
As I wanted to go home as quickly as possible, I took the business card and tried to leave.
But the can badges guy called out to me like "Hey, hey!" and stopped me. He was like "Take my card with you too while you're at itwwwww" and gave me his business card. It had a drawing of a bear on it.
He told me he's a hobby photographer and wants me to be his next model or something. I got all frightened, said "No, thanks" and went home as if I was running from him.

22 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:27:11.70 ID:DMEuIL23O
"No, thanks" = "Okay"

23 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:28:37.35 ID:BeDcEal20
I said I'm a woman.

A few days later, my little brother came into my room to borrow a manga and stumbled upon the business card of that clothing store.
When he asked me "Where'd you get this?", I made up a lie on the spot and said I got it from an acquaintance. Thing is, I'm still hiding the fact that I'm an otaku from my family. Though they can probably tell just by looking at mewwww
Seeing my brother's eyes light up when he told me that he's a big fan of the brand, I remembered their upcoming sale and told him about it.
And so we decided to go to check the store out when I'm free during the next week.

24 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:33:08.40 ID:DMEuIL23O
You don't have anything to do? Let's have some fun together then... Ehehehehe...

25 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:35:20.37 ID:BeDcEal20
When I went to the store with my brother, the business card guy wasn't there.
In the end, I ended up buying my brother a pair of pants because he kept saying "I want new pantswww".
At the register, I was asked if I came at someone's recommendation, so I showed them the card and got the pants that normally cost 30.000 yen for only 10.000wwwwww
It turns out the business card guy is the manager of the store.
Apparently, Mr. Manager had gone to the main store that day, so I decided to come again a few days later to thank him personally.

26 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:35:35.20 ID:lxJUl5wc0
The end.

27 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:42:11.63 ID:BeDcEal20
Having attained enlightenment, I soon started visiting Akihabara on a regular basis.
Enlightenment because I had realized that the subway ticket to Akihabara is way cheaper than the shipping fees of online stores.
First thing I noticed was that whenever I went to the corner of a store where they sell doujinshi for men, the guys standing around it would all walk away. I guess it's kind of like when a woman enters the porn section of a video rental store. Though there were also guys who didn't move an inch.
It felt great to be able to flip through the books and mags and before I knew it, I was spending loads of money, almost as if to catch up on all the years I'd been a closet otaku. I was getting so carried away that I was seriously considering quitting my job, studying up on programming languages and looking for a job at an eroge company.

Then, one day, on my way home, I saw him again in that park in front of the Hibiya station. Not the business card guy... The can badges guy.
As soon as our eyes met, he came running to me shouting "Whoa, whoa, whoa? We know each other, don't we?wwww". I thought to myself, "No, I don't know you, retard.".

28 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:48:11.37 ID:BeDcEal20
I got kinda scared and was about to just ignore him, but then I figured the business card guy might be with him and changed my mind.
I still hadn't found the time to go to the store again, but I wanted to thank him nevertheless.
So I asked the can badges guy "Are you with Mr. XXX today?".
He answered "No, Gabrin isn't here.". I thought to myself, "Who the hell is Gabrin?", but I guess it was the business card guy's nickname or something. Probably.
I thought I could ask him to say thanks "Gabrin" for me and was about to tell him about it when CanBadge's cell phone went off.
His ringtone was a tune I knew all too well. It was the OP of the anime that basically turned me into an otaku.
Since it's a rather obscure anime and I'd never met someone who knew it and liked it, I couldn't just ignore it.
Like I said, I was getting really carried away ever since I set foot in Akihabara. I guess I wanted an otaku buddy I could discuss otaku stuff with.

29 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:50:30.98 ID:DMEuIL23O
An obscure anime, huh? What is it called?

30 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:53:14.58 ID:BeDcEal20
When I asked him "Do you like that song?", CanBadge's eyes suddenly lit up.
The reason I asked him about the song first is because I couldn't possibly ask a stranger about an anime.
You know, I didn't even expect to hear the song as a ringtone in the first place because I was sure an obscure song like it was never made available as a ringtone. He told me he extracted it from the original CD or something, but as I'm plain clueless when it comes to computers, I didn't get his explanation at all.
All I remember is that I was amazed that you can do something like that. My mind was blown.

31 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:57:13.51 ID:BeDcEal20
"I'm Gonna Be An Angel!"
Though I guess it's not really obscure anymore.

CanBadge, who seemed like the type of person that's always fooling around, got a very serious expression on his face when he started talking about computers.
Looking back now, he must have been hesitant about talking about anime with me, a woman. Albeit obviously uncomfortable, I could tell he was trying his best to appear as if he was enjoying himself.
But I didn't feel like talking on a street in Akihabara for very long and got quickly tired of it. All the more so because I had to constantly hide my bag of spoils with my arms and make sure to only mention mainstream games and manga.

32 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:59:01.75 ID:yeFPwKEUO
I'm a bit late, but I'll gladly hear you out. Don't hesitate to write everything off your chest.

33 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:01:58.68 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
You have my undivided attentionw
It's a Saturday, so let's take it slow and easy.

34 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:02:06.45 ID:BeDcEal20
Because of my job, I could only go to Akihabara on Saturdays and that's what I did every week. Soon I had made it a habit to stop by the park in front of the Hibiya station on my way home.
When I say I stopped by the park, I mean that I just quickly checked if CanBadge was there or not. He was there almost every time thoughwwww
Back then, we hadn't even exchanged numbers and we surely weren't friends yet. But whenever I passed by the park thinking to myself "It's not like I care if he's there or not.", CanBadge would come running to me 9 out 10 times.
I was glad that I'd finally found someone to talk about otaku stuff with, but I couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed for some reason. I'm sure it would have been fine if CanBadge had been a girl, but he was a guy.

35 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:06:20.73 ID:BeDcEal20
Thank you. And sorry I'm so slow.

But there was one time when he didn't call out to me.
He was talking to his friends and even though he saw me, he quickly turned back to his friends and just continued talking to them.
I got pissed at him thinking "Hey, don't ignore me!", but yeah, I know. I know, if I wanted to talk to him so bad, I should've just called out to him myselfwwww I guess I was just being stubborn, thinking "It's always CanBadge who comes running to me. Why should I do it?".
I swore to myself I'd ignore him the next time he called out to me so we're even. I know it's petty and narrow-minded, but that's just how stubborn I am. orz

36 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:08:02.73 ID:DMEuIL23O
She's already fallen for himwww

37 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:08:32.77 ID:S4+fEJ8D0
Write faster.

I'll bump the thread for you too.

38 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:10:43.13 ID:BeDcEal20
Only when I thought about it after I'd calmed down did I realize it's only natural that he can't call out to me when he's with his friends.
What if they were his eroge friends? He talked to me about eroge too, but it must be obviously a lot easier to talk to male friends about that kind of stuff.
The problem, however, was this: For CanBadge, I might have been just one of his countless otaku friends, but for me, he was the only acquaintance I could talk about otaku stuff with.
That's all I kept thinking about in the train home.

Summer Comiket was right around the corner and I was determined to attend it that year. By the time I got off the train, I had reached a conclusion. I had to somehow make other otaku friends besides CanBadge at the Comiket.

39 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:14:43.24 ID:BeDcEal20
You're a nice guy.

As it was my first time at Comiket, I went there wearing sandals like I was going out for a walkwww
At least, it was sandals without heels, but after a few hours, my feet were hurting, sweating and reekingw In short, I was in no condition to make any friends.
Originally, I'd been planning to get off at Akihabara on my way home from Comiket, but I was so depleted that I changed my mind and went home directly.

Two days after Comiket, I was still on Bon holidays and headed to Akihabara.
As usual, I passed by the park on my way back, but the park was, of course, deserted. I was sure that even someone like CanBadge wouldn't be there during Bon holidays, but let my eyes wander around the park anyway...
...and he was there. He was sitting there like it was a normal day. Eating canned Oden. In that goddamn heat in the middle of August.

40 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:17:43.34 ID:DMEuIL23O
Alright, I'm gonna start lurking around the park in front of the Hibiya station tomorrow.

41 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:19:40.25 ID:BeDcEal20
I felt like shouting "This is the first time I see someone eating canned Oden in real life!wwwwww", but before I had the chance to, CanBadge saw me and waved to me.
I'd already forgotten about how he ignored me last time. I wanted to tell someone about my first trip to Comiket so bad that I'm sure I walked over to CanBadge with the creepiest grin on my face. orz

"Long time no see."
That was when I realized I hadn't seen him for quite some time.

"I was worried because I haven't seen you around lately. Thought you quit being an otakuww"
"I couldn't. I'm way past the point of no return."
"Who knows? Your boyfriend could have asked you to quit or something."

It was when he said the word "boyfriend" that I realized something for the first time.
I had subconsciously decided that CanBadge couldn't possibly have a girlfriendwww I mean, even I had started thinking I don't really need a boyfriend anymore ever since I'd achieved enlightenment and started going to Akihabara.

42 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:27:03.57 ID:BeDcEal20
If I'd started seeing someone then, I would've had to come out as an otaku and thus wouldn't have been able to go to Akihabara anymore.
I'm sure there were guys out there who'd have been okay with me being an otaku, but I figured, instead of looking for them, isn't it faster to just date an otaku?
In that case, who comes into question? CanBadge, right?

I guess I'd already fallen in love with CanBadge by then, but I had yet to realize it myself.
And here comes the moment that made me realize.

"I don't have a boyfriend."
"Huh, really?"
"Introduce me to someone."
"Hmm... I know some guys if you're okay with programmers."

The scales fell from my eyes when I nonchalantly asked him to introduce me to someone, because, in my mind, I caught myself hoping CanBadge would say "What about me?".

I told him that I prefer an otaku.
That looks and age don't matter.
That it should be someone who often comes to Akihabara.
That someone who likes "I'm Gonna Be An Angel!" would be perfect.
I said all that and it was so obvious that it could only be CanBadgeww And yet, he was like "Hmmm..." and seemed to be seriously going through his list of friends in his mind.

"I know someone who's perfect.", he said.
"I'll bring him here next weekw", he said.

43 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:30:12.17 ID:BeDcEal20
It made me realize that CanBadge wasn't even the slightest bit interested in mewww
At the same time, I realized how shocking this was for me.

"Okay, cool.", I said.
Then I told him something about how we should exchange numbers and e-mail addresses because it'll make it easier for us to meet up or something.
With that, I'd finally gotten my hands on his contact details.

On one hand, I was so mad at myself for saying something stupid like "Introduce someone to me".
But on the other hand, I was so happy that I finally had his number and e-mail addy. I remember I was holding my cell phone the whole time on my way homewww

44 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:31:31.34 ID:R0bGI+SP0
Keep going.

45 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:32:26.55 ID:BeDcEal20
I waited and waited for an e-mail from CanBadge, but he didn't contact me until the day we'd promised to meet the following week.
I wondered why he wasn't trying to contact me at first, but then figured he was just busy. Well, that was the moment I realized that I don't even know what kind of job CanBadge has.

46 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:33:59.35 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, guys, I think I'll write it all out first, so I don't get things mixed up.
I'll be back in 2 or 3 hours.
I'd be glad if you could keep the thread alive until then.

47 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:35:24.46 ID:DMEuIL23O
Ehh, the current pace was fast enough for mew

48 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:39:15.38 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I'm fine with this pace too.
I don't have anything to do on a Saturday anyway.
Let me bump the thread for noww

49 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:41:39.40 ID:9lxlP78V0
I'll go pick up a girl in AKIBA too.

50 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:49:51.43 ID:pMKcE9Qg0

51 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 12:59:17.61 ID:yeFPwKEUO
She didn't have to worry about being slow...

Oh well, bumps.

52 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:08:13.41 ID:s42M3oSU0
Is anyone else in this thread right now?

53 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:09:34.87 ID:R0bGI+SP0

54 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:11:57.76 ID:s42M3oSU0
If you're free right now, would you mind listening to a little problem I have?
Just to kill time until >>1 comes back, of course.

55 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:13:25.14 ID:R0bGI+SP0
I don't mind, but I don't get asked for advice often.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to help...

56 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:19:38.14 ID:s42M3oSU0
That's all right, don't worry about it!!11

Well, it's about my girlfriend.
She's two years younger than me. I'm 22 now, so she's 20 this year.
We've been seeing each other for 3 years and 9 months.

57 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:22:11.12 ID:eDVRxafC0
Are you gonna marry her?

58 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:24:40.90 ID:s42M3oSU0
I started working when I was 20, but after a while, a guy who had "OTAKU" written all over his face started working at my workplace.
And well, he helped me buy a PC and taught me all kinds of other stuff...
Thanks to him, I'm quite the hardcore closet otaku now.

59 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:27:27.58 ID:s42M3oSU0
I'm considering marriage. I'm an idiot, but I'm the serious type when it comes to love and relationship.

Now the problem is that my girlfriend can't fucking stand otaku.

60 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:30:09.15 ID:eDVRxafC0
Just stay a closet otaku forever then.

61 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:33:36.38 ID:s42M3oSU0
Even though she hates otaku, she has all volumes of Ichigo Mashimaro. Isn't it strange?

I'm into manga and games, so I have quite a few of them at home.
When she came to my place the other day, she wanted to read a manga and picked Haruhi out of my large collection of manga.
And she even gave me a dating sim on my birthday...

62 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:35:10.41 ID:eDVRxafC0
That's awfully nice of her.
Just keep playing along and see what happens.

63 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:37:19.09 ID:izE2iqgBO
If she's got all volumes of Ichigo Mashimaro, she's quite the otaku herself, isn't she?

64 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:38:06.96 ID:DMEuIL23O
Guys with girlfriends should go to hell.

65 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:44:47.22 ID:s42M3oSU0
She must have found out that I'm an otaku... But then again, we've been dating so long, I guess it'd be weird if she didn't notice it...
People tell me I don't look like an otaku though.
With 6 piercings in my face, I'm said to look more like a wannabe delinquent. When I told my friends that I like eroge too, they said I don't look like it at all.

Do I give up the way of the otaku or do I come out as an otaku... I seriously can't decide, so here I am typing this and listening to the Clover Heart's OP.

66 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:46:47.99 ID:s42M3oSU0
She's an otaku no matter how you look at it, right?
When I tell her she's one, she says "Reading Ichigo Mashimaro doesn't make you an otaku!!!"...
But she really can't stand otaku for some reason.

67 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:56:22.18 ID:PgF2TSVq0
Could it be that your girlfriend just doesn't like the bad character traits of stereotypical otaku?
Like how they're self-centered and antisocial, you know what they say about them.
In other words, she only hates the people and not the anime and manga they like.

68 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 13:59:26.84 ID:eDVRxafC0
She can't stand creepy otaku, is all.

69 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:04:08.46 ID:PgF2TSVq0
Brb playing with my rabbits.

70 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:05:55.68 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Where is 1?

71 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:06:40.42 ID:Y2kJYLwO0
    i、:!:|:、N{、ヒjヽゝ\ヾイ ヒj >、ヽi:、|!:|:l    >>1
     ヽ:!::トヽ ̄ l! `  ` ̄´ |::l::|:|j:,!:!  This girl's no good...
      ト、::! u         j |::/lj:::!リ
        ヾ、  丶 -    u リイ:|リ      Gotta do something about her......
        リヽ ‐、ー- 、_   /イ:::i
       rー'"ト:l゙、   ̄   ./  , |::!
      / ヘ ヾ ヽ、 _,. '   / |:'

72 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:07:49.99 ID:s42M3oSU0
Ahh, you might be right about that.
But she said she thought Rozen Maiden was creepy... And I haven't even watched Rozen Maiden.

I don't get her anymore.

73 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:09:42.46 ID:BeDcEal20
Okay, I'll be posting faster now for a while. Gotta be careful not to post too fast though or it'll count as spamming.

74 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:11:29.91 ID:BeDcEal20

The day we'd promised to meet arrived.
I got an e-mail from CanBadge in the morning. I think it said "The guy I wanted to introduce to you suddenly said he can't come because of work.".
I honestly couldn't care less about the other guywww So I wasn't sad, on the contrary, I was glad because I thought I could spend more time alone with CanBadge.

Having realized my feelings for CanBadge, I'd already started worrying about something else at this point.
"How do I introduce CanBadge to my friends once we start dating?"

I know it's not a nice way to put it, but CanBadge is like a textbook example of an Akihabara otaku. His clothes, his hairstyle, everything about him screams otaku.
He's the kind of guy that walks around with a huge tote bag with Key anime heroine can badges attached to it and wears a matching T-shirt with anime characters on it.
I've never been one to care about looks, but for some reason, all my past boyfriends happened to be handsome, smartly dressed guys.
I was thinking "First thing I'll do once we start dating is go shopping with him to pick out clothes for him. I can't introduce him to my friends with him looking like this.".
I know it was incredibly rude and conceited of me, but that's what was going through my head back then. orz

75 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:12:05.49 ID:s42M3oSU0
Oh, >>1 is back, huh? Well, just posting about my problem here made me feel a little better.

Time to read the rest of 1's story.

76 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:14:21.38 ID:BeDcEal20
I'm now going to write what I really felt back then and I'm prepared to take a beating for this.

I was 100% sure that a textbook example of an otaku like CanBadge couldn't be very popular among women and that he'd already given up on getting a girlfriend since he didn't seem to care about his outer appearance.
I, on the other hand, may not have looked absolutely stunning, but at the very least, I looked normal. So I was strangely confident that he wouldn't turn me down if I confessed my feelings to him.
On the contrary, I was thinking that I had to ask him out first because it might be harder for him to make the first step.
It's ridiculous, isn't it? Even writing about it now, I can't believe how conceited I was back then... orz
To be honest, I didn't stop at that. I was even thinking "He said he wanted to introduce someone to me, but maybe he made it up and just wanted to spend time alone with me?wwww".

You might be wondering about what I liked about CanBadge. He was always fooling around and frankly, he wasn't very handsome eitherwww, but I loved that happy cheerful expression he got whenever he talked about something he liked.
Sometimes he'd get carried away and go off the deep end though. But love sure is a scary thingwww Even the most cringeworthy guy in town turns into Mr. Perfect on a white horse as soon as you realize you love himwww

Anyways, we decided to go shopping together in Akihabara that day.
So we headed to K-BOOKS to look for doujinshi. When I left the store and walked over to CanBadge who'd finished earlier and was waiting for me outside, I found him talking to his friends.
One thing I remember clearly is that one of his friends was a famous otaku I'd seen on TV once.

His friends saw me and greeted me in a very unfriendly manner.
It was as if they were trying to say "Go away, we don't wanna have a woman near uswww". Or maybe it was just me being paranoid.
Canbadge said "Give me a minute.", so I waited a few steps behind him, while his friends were like "Who's that?".

"She's a friend. Just a friendwww"
"You sure she's not your girlfriend, leader?wwww"
"No way, she's notwwww"

is what they were saying IIRC.

77 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:15:37.14 ID:BeDcEal20

2ch thinks I'm a spammer. orz

There I was, feeling left out and bored. Plus, they were talking about a game I liked, so I'd have loved to join them.
"He could have at least introduced me to them.", I thought to myself.
You know, I think, at that point, I was totally feeling like I'd already become CanBadge's girlfriend or somethingwwww Even though I hadn't even told him how I feel yetwwwwwwww Maybe it was because I was sure that I was the only woman CanBadge knowswwwwwww

But my overly great confidence was smashed to pieces only moments later.

It was something one of his friends said.

"Who needs a 3D girlfriend anyway?wwwwww"

78 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:16:10.46 ID:BeDcEal20
I was like "Eh!?" and looked over to CanBadge, but he was nodding his head in agreement.

"Yeah, I don't need a 3D onewwwwww"

"I want a 2D one", CanBadge said with that bright smile on his face that I loved so much. He seemed to mean it.

"I want Nerine from Shuffle to be my girlfriend."

A 3DPD girl like me didn't stand a chance.

But hey, it's normal to say dumb stuff in front of your friends. He can't be completely indifferent to 3D... is what I wanted to believe, so I asked him about it on the way home.

79 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:17:14.84 ID:BeDcEal20

I've only managed to write this far. orz
But well, I don't have anything to do today, so I'll just keep writing at my own leisure. Feel free to read it at your own leisure.

80 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:18:52.65 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
>>1 Didn't think you'd stop at the most interesting part.
Here's a hopeful bump from me though.

81 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:20:13.51 ID:BeDcEal20

"Were you serious when you said you're not interested in 3D girls?wwww"

I tried to ask in a nonchalant way, but I bet you could hear the panic in my voicewwww


I was so shocked by his nonchalant answer that my mind went completely numb for a while.

82 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:20:25.73 ID:yeFPwKEUO
Please hang in there and keep writing. I'll be waiting.

83 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:23:18.50 ID:BeDcEal20
Ohh, I hadn't seen your posts. Sorry I interrupted you. orz

Sorry, I'll try to write as fast as I can.

"Th-Then, then you've never had a girlfriend?"
↑ I was so frantic, I think I seriously started stutteringwww

"Nope. I never wanted one anyway."

"You really don't want one at all?"

"Nopewwww It'd be a waste of money."

"You're 100% sure you don't want one?"

"No, sir, I don't want one." ← I still remember clearly that he said this with a fake foreign accent.

84 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:23:52.49 ID:DMEuIL23O
You made us wait for one and a half hours and that's all you've written...?

Why don't you just admit that you were having lunch?wwwww

85 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:24:37.32 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Be honest and say the truth!

86 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:25:33.41 ID:BeDcEal20
I was like "You can't be serious!".
If I were to describe how I felt, I'd compare it to how Samus must have felt when I made her march into the last boss room with almost no energy left. (I love Metroid Prime.)
Like "Can't you hear that annoying sound? It's telling you you're about to die!". Guess it's a bad comparison.
Everything went white as my confidence shattered into a thousand pieces.

87 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:28:20.13 ID:l+egvLiP0
You can't be serious!

88 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:29:07.82 ID:BeDcEal20
Yeah, okay, the curry rice I had was delicious.

Just think about it! He wants a 2D girlfriend! It's Nerine he wants! Besides, I prefer Rimu over Nerine.
Even if I wore a ribbon in my hair, I wouldn't be able to turn into Nerine! Nerine isn't even human to begin withwwwwwww

I started crying. Before I knew it, tears were falling down my face.
CanBadge saw it and looked at me like "EH!?". I didn't notice I was crying until I saw that look on his face.

89 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:30:45.64 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I know that feel, OP...
I'm only interested in 2D girls too thoughwwwwwwwwwwwwww

90 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:32:33.32 ID:DMEuIL23O
Why is this so moe?

91 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:32:39.58 ID:BeDcEal20
I said "It's nothing." and went home as if I was running from him.
Back at home, I peeled off the Shuffle stickers in front of my PC, crumbled them up and burned them with a lighterwwwwww
Then I went to 2ch and started a thread in the romance board.
I still haven't forgotten its titlewwwww It was "I FUCKING HATE 2D!"wwwww It died after only a few posts thoughwwwww

92 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:34:50.67 ID:DMEuIL23O
I lol'dw

93 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:35:38.81 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
>>1 Is this the thread with the moe as fuck OP?

94 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:35:52.65 ID:BeDcEal20
One of the few posts in the thread said something along the lines of "He must have been lying when he said he isn't interested in 3D girls! He's just scared of having a relationship!".
It gave me some hope back too. But as usual, I was too naivewwww
Immediately, someone else replied with "No, there are people who really aren't interested in 3D girls. I, for one, am not interested in 3DPD.". Posts saying "What the hell are you doing here on the romance board then?wwwwww" quickly followed thoughwwwwww

95 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:37:39.75 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
The first post is right on the mark.

96 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:38:31.85 ID:BeDcEal20
That night, I got an e-mail from CanBadge.
It said "Mahoraba is hilariouswwwww".
I deleted it.

I know I was being irrational. I know I'd just been getting carried away by myself. But I can only say this because I can look at it objectively now. Back then, I didn't have the patience and energy left to look at it that way.
All I could do was act like it was all his fault and get pissed at myself for falling in love with CanBadge, for falling in love with a damn otaku like him!!!!!wwww

97 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:39:25.87 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
CanBadge is so oblivious to other people's feelingswwwwwwwwwwwwww

98 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:41:39.91 ID:BeDcEal20
After that, I stopped going to Akihabara for a while.
I got pissed whenever I saw an illustration by Nishimata Aoi. (Sorry, Ms. Nishimatawwwwww)
CanBadge kept sending me e-mails, but none of them showed any signs of concern for me, they all said stuff like this game is great and that anime character is moe.
It was exactly what we used to talk about in the park. I guess he just wanted to continue our otaku talk via e-mail. But I couldn't help but think to myself "If he's gonna send me e-mails, I wish he'd write about more than just anime and games.".

99 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:42:57.50 ID:DMEuIL23O
Can't you see that CanBadge's otaku e-mails are just his way of showing his concern for you?

100 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:44:07.98 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
No waywwwwwwwwwwwwwww

101 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:45:40.39 ID:BeDcEal20
I originally became friends with CanBadge because I wanted an otaku friend.
But ever since I'd fallen in love with CanBadge, I wanted to talk more about CanBadge himself.
I don't know how to put it. More than anime and stuff, I was interested in what he'd done that day, for example. Stuff like that.
Of course, I knew it was a hopeless case. I mean, the guy's not interested in 3DPDwwwwww If it was just anime, I could talk to him anytime I wanted to. I knew that, but I was still sad.

Once, I asked CanBadge "What would you do if I quit being an otaku?".
One of those typical female trap questionswwwww
He said "You quit being an otaku, you quit being friends with mewwwwww".
He even sang "Auld Lang Syne" for me.
And he acted like he was crying.
I kicked him. Hard.

102 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:47:33.12 ID:s42M3oSU0
Rubbing salt into her woundswwww

103 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:49:54.05 ID:DMEuIL23O
Don't kick himwwww

104 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:50:02.01 ID:BeDcEal20
He laughed my kick off, but he was nice enough to add "But I'd be sad, I guess?" afterwards.
And "I've never had one of my otaku friends quit before, so I wouldn't know thoughwwww" too.

We only wrote e-mails back and forth for a while until I stopped replying altogether because part of me wanted to forget about him for good.
But for some strange reason, the longer I didn't see CanBadge, the more I ended up thinking about him.
Instead of forgetting him, it was almost like I kept falling more and more for him.

I honestly thought I couldn't continue like that and even started going to group dates.
But no matter how handsome someone was, I couldn't help but think that CanBadge was more handsome.
I was mature enough to know it wasn't just a childish crush either. All that made me realize over and over again that my feelings for him were very serious.

105 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:51:29.22 ID:DMEuIL23O
CanBadge is a lucky guy...

106 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:52:41.45 ID:BeDcEal20
Since I couldn't talk about it with my friends (I was still a closet otaku), I asked 2ch for advice a number of times until I realized it wasn't a problem that could be solved with a piece of advice.
Soon, I got sick of worrying about it endlessly and was like "Fuck it! I'll just confess my feelings to him!".
I was fully aware that it wasn't going to work out thoughwwwwww There's no way I could win against Nerine.

107 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:53:56.27 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Oh wow, confession time.

108 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:56:35.74 ID:BeDcEal20
I hope it's not too messy to follow. And if it is, I apologize.

I went to Akihabara for the first time in weeks. I hadn't been there since that day.
This time, I didn't even feel like shopping, so I headed straight to the park to meet CanBadge.

"Ohh, haven't seen you around for a while!", Canbadge said and came running to me.
He asked "Are you here to shop?". Before I knew it, I'd lied and said "Yeah".
But none of this mattered because CanBadge had somehow turned into an extremely handsome lad.
No, no, his face was still that of Kucchi from Genshikenwwwwww But he'd turned into a fashionable version of Kucchi.
I asked him, "How come you look all dressed up today?". He proudly showed me his new stylish outfit and said he got them from Gabrin.

109 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 14:58:01.74 ID:DMEuIL23O
Gabrin is backwwwww

110 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:00:26.39 ID:BeDcEal20
I was like "Who's Gabrin?" at first, but then remembered it's the clothing store manager I met first.
It seems like his store had to move and they had to get rid of some of the stock, which is why he was giving out clothes to his friends.
"This is the only set of clothes I got from him though.", CanBadge said.
Apparently, it's been his "going out" clothes ever since. Like it was his only good set of clothes.

"Wait, if you got only one set of clothes, do you even wash them?"
"I do. Once a week."

But once a week is way too little if you're gonna wear it everyday.

Actually, his clothes had already started to smell a little.

111 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:01:39.80 ID:UL7lEtPoO
And you loved the way he smelled, didn't you?

112 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:03:43.19 ID:DMEuIL23O
I don't want CanBadge to change...

113 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:05:16.85 ID:BeDcEal20
To come right to the point, I couldn't confess my love to him on that day.
Just when I was about to tell him, his friends from when we went to K-BOOKS came barging in. I couldn't possibly confess with them around.
One of his friends said he lived in the same direction as me, so we took the same train on the way home.

He turned out to be a pretty old friend of CanBadge and seemed to know him very well too.
Thinking I could ask him for advice about CanBadge, I decided it's worth a shot and asked him.

"Do you know if CanBadge is looking for a girlfriend?"
"No way. He'd break the rules if he didwwwww"

I was like "Rules? What rules?"

"We're the founding members of the League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemen."

114 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:06:47.34 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemenwwwwwwwwwwww
Oh Godwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

115 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:09:26.54 ID:BeDcEal20

I wanted to scream "Why would you make a dumb league like that!!????". I was this close to actually screaming it.

"Sounds like a very... unique league."
"Ah, so please don't introduce any girls to himwwww CanBadge is our leader after allwwwww"
"Does that mean you don't have any girlfriend either?"
"Of course. So let me warn you. I'll turn you down even if you ask me outwwwww I get asked out all the time because I'm richwwwww"

I thought to myself "Don't you worry, I'd never go after someone like you!", but I still felt dispirited.
Suddenly, my resolve had started to waver and I wasn't so sure about confessing to him anymore.

116 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:10:24.18 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Wow, he's the leaderw
>>1 You fell in love with the wrong person, OP.

117 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:11:15.74 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I'm so jealous of CanBadge. ;_;

118 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:14:26.08 ID:BeDcEal20
On my way home, I got an e-mail from CanBadge.
"Don't forget your duty to report when you've safely made it back!", it said.
"Duty to report, my foot!", I thought at first, but eventually replied "I'm home.". Apparently, he was worried whether his friends had all arrived at their homes safely.
Then he sent me an e-mail saying he was worried his friend might have said something weird to me as he tends to say whatever is on his mind. I remember thinking it's the first time I got an e-mail from CanBadge that wasn't about anime.

While I was at it, I figured I might as well ask him about their League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemen. I tried not to sound too serious though.
And he replied that he's not a member of such a league.

"The Prez must have made it upwwww"
↑ Apparently, the Prez is his friend's nickname.

Overjoyed at his reply, I decided to confess my feelings for him after all.

119 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:16:09.47 ID:DMEuIL23O
The Prezwwwwww

120 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:16:17.21 ID:IuIgaYEJO
It's my little secret that I imagine CanBadge to look like a real hunk in the outfit he got from Gabrin.

121 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:17:12.92 ID:o0jPvmjX0
Keep 'em coming.

122 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:17:27.87 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
>>1 Could you tell us how old you and Canbadge were at that time?

123 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:19:48.70 ID:BeDcEal20
Are you guys really okay with this pace?
It's taking so long because I'm writing it while reading my old diary entries from that time. Feel free to chat about something else while waiting for my posts.

On the following week, CanBadge wasn't wearing his one good set of clothes anymore. He'd gone back to his usual dressing style.
I was a little disappointed as I'd been hoping he'd get used to dressing like that. But then again, I thought it wouldn't be CanBadge anymore without his usual otaku outfit.

I was planning on confessing to him on that day, but I reckoned it was impossible to do it in that park. It was usually full of people and there was also the possibility that his friends might come again.

"Why don't we go to a cafe or something, CanBadge?"
"Ah, sure."

Without any hesitation, CanBadge picked up his tote bag and started walking.
I asked him where he's headed and he said there was a place he wanted to show me. I admit I rejoiced a little.

But the place he wanted to show me turned out to be a maid cafe.

Confessing your love to someone at a maid cafe. Good idea? Or bad idea?

124 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:22:19.48 ID:MTVN1XHG0
Keep 'em coming.

125 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:24:13.11 ID:UL7lEtPoO
>>1 Keep going and don't worry about taking too long.

126 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:26:01.58 ID:SpEJ7HKa0
Okay, I'll take you up on your offer then and post a question.

I'm guessing you live in an environment that doesn't allow you to reveal your otaku self and tell others what you really like.
But even if you tried to quit being an otaku, I'm sure you'd just keep falling back to it.
So why don't you instead try coming out as an otaku little by little? Wouldn't it be better in the long run?

But damn, I can't believe he dragged you to a maid cafe!
Keep writing, OP!

127 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:26:49.32 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry to disappoint you, but he really looks like Kucchi from Genshiken. You'd say the same thing if you saw him.

I don't know how old CanBadge was, 25 or 26 maybe.

I was 21.

I normally prefer 2D girls from eroge, but I enjoyed going to the maid cafe and seeing actual cosplayers and maids for the first time. They were all pretty cute too.
One of the maids showed us to the counter. I didn't get why CanBadge was going "Yesss, we got a seat at the counter!wwwww" though. (What's good about sitting at the counter? I still don't really get it.)

After ordering drinks, I asked CanBadge:

"So you're not planning on getting a girlfriend all your life, CanBadge?"
"It's fine if it's what you want. I'd be a bit sad, is all."

My heart was going to jump out of my chest and my hands were shaking uncontrollably.
You guys must be thinking "Are you a middle schooler or what!?wwwwww".

128 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:29:02.34 ID:DMEuIL23O
Huh? Is it just me or has CanBadge changed his opinion a little since you guys met first?www

129 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:29:50.45 ID:o0jPvmjX0
CanBadge: "Whoawww She's totally fallen for mewwwww I'mwwww so popularwwwwwwwwwww"

130 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:29:52.68 ID:mzboJYTgO
Finally caught up.
Can't wait to read the rest.

131 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:33:39.16 ID:BeDcEal20
I was actually considering a confession line that went like "I wanna be your Nerine! <3".
There was no way I could say something dumb like that thoughwwwwww Still, I didn't want it to sound too serious because I wanted to stay friends with CanBadge in case he turned me down.

Just when I'd said "CanBadge, I...", the maid brought our drinks. But maybe she guessed what was going on because that was the only time she came over to us. And even then, she left right after she'd put down our drinks. I really appreciated her consideration.

Oh crap, I feel like crying just by remembering what happened and writing about itwwwww

"So, why would you be sad?"

"Well, because..."


It was the first time I confessed my love to someonewwwwww The first time in my lifewwwwww Oh boywwwwwwww
I hesitated for quite a while.

"...because I like you?"

"Why the hell did I say it like it was a question!!!??", I thought to myself and regretted it like crazy. orz

132 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:34:27.78 ID:dkv8++7rO

133 : GIZA ◆rb.GIZA10Q : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:35:14.43 ID:s42M3oSU0
The anticipation is killing me!

134 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:36:21.00 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
This is so...w Oh Godwww

135 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:36:49.41 ID:SpEJ7HKa0
Yeah. Oh God, alrightwww

136 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:37:23.39 ID:DMEuIL23O
Oh, I see!w The one who said "I'd be sad" is you, >>1www
I thought CanBadge said itwww

Can't wait for his reaction.

137 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:38:59.29 ID:JuYlFARXO
Just caught up.
Can't wait.

138 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:40:22.04 ID:e3Ealu2BO
P-Post the rest quickly!

139 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:40:25.70 ID:BeDcEal20
In my diary entry from that day, I scribbled "I hate question marks!!! I hate myself!!!!!" all over the pagewwwwww

I wished I could have just disappeared into thin air.
When I looked at CanBadge, he was staring back at me, flabbergasted.
He didn't look embarrassed or shy. He seriously looked flabbergasted. Like he didn't see it coming at all.
Seeing his reaction, I realized he hadn't been aware of my feelings at all. orz

I was about to break down because one look at CanBadge swirling his straw around and saying "Ahahaha" even though he wasn't laughing at all was enough to tell me that it wasn't going to work out.

"Don't get me wrong. I don't expect you to date me now or something. I just want you to know that there are girls out there who are in love with you or might fall in love with you."
"Look, I know Nerine is your number one. But who knows, maybe you like me second best after Nerine?"
I was digging my own grave, but I couldn't stop.

140 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:40:35.03 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
This thread makes me grin like an idiotw

141 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:44:39.01 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I want it to work out for you, but it doesn't look like it willwww

142 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:45:03.67 ID:DMEuIL23O
Too moe.

143 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:45:32.25 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I know what you meanwww I'm grinning like an idiot toowww I'm so creepywww

144 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:45:55.71 ID:fKQWiH+e0
I've caught up!
Okay, I'll be honest. I'm so jealous.

145 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:46:06.58 ID:BeDcEal20

"Found you, leader!"

said a voice from behind, slicing through the awkward atmosphere. When I looked around, it was the Prez and his crew. I think there were 4 of them that time.

"We were looking all over for you since you went AWOL, leader!"
"What are you doing here? You're on duty!"

Japanese, motherfuckers, do you speak it? Well, I guess it is Japanese they were speaking, but for some reason, I never get what these people are talking about.
However, I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the expression CanBadge had on his face at that moment.

He looked like his friends had just saved him.

He turned to his friends looking all relieved. Then he said "Sorry! I'll be right there!" and stood up.
Grabbed the bill and left without even a word of farewell. No "See you" or "Bye".
Seeing him leave as if he was running from me, I couldn't hold it in anymore and started crying loudly.

146 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:47:23.95 ID:DMEuIL23O
Tsk... Damn you, CanBitch!

147 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:47:43.75 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Die, CanBadge! Go to hell!

148 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:48:18.04 ID:BeDcEal20
I'll go buy something to drink.
I should be back in about 10 minutes. When I'm back, do I just keep writing like this? It might take pretty long though. I don't think I'll be able to finish before midnight.

149 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:48:19.54 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I googled up "Kucchi" and got pictures of some fat guy. Is that him?
I'm happy though because I'm a fatass toowwww

150 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:49:11.11 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I don't mind the slower pace at all, so please just keep posting like thisw
Can't wait to find out what happens next.

151 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:49:23.14 ID:DMEuIL23O
You decide. Do as you like.

152 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:50:01.08 ID:dkv8++7rO
Please write the rest. ><

153 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:50:06.13 ID:k4LLVlsjO

154 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:50:19.93 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Please keep writing like that until the end.

155 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:50:53.37 ID:cSJhI5Uw0

156 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:51:42.18 ID:fKQWiH+e0
This is soooo sad.

I can't wait to read the rest! ......but...
I have to go out soon. Fuck my life. orz

157 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:53:08.24 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Ahahaha! You loserwww
But it's even worse to have nothing to do all day everyday... Fuck my life.

158 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:54:25.05 ID:IuIgaYEJO
If the rest is so long that it'll take until midnight to post it all...
we might be still in for a happy end.

I bet 3000 Nerine that CanBadge just doesn't know anything about love and relationships yet and only notices his feelings for 1 after losing her.

159 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:54:50.44 ID:mwTaDEaoO
That's nothing. I don't even boot up my computer anymore because I'm too lazy to leave my futon.

160 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:55:40.38 ID:o0jPvmjX0
2580 Nerine that she somehow ends up with Gabrin at the end.

161 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 15:58:10.63 ID:BeDcEal20
I'm back. Thanks, guys. I'll keep writing at my own pace then.

I cried a little on the train home. The woman sitting next to me was so nice to ask me if everything was alright, which cheered me up a little.
Actually, I cried quite a lot in the maid cafe after thatwwww I tried to keep my voice down so no one would notice it though.
The maid, who'd been staying away until then, came to me, said "Miss." and handed me tissueswwwwww It made me want to switch sides and go lesbian... but I couldn't. orz

162 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:00:15.42 ID:o0jPvmjX0
What a kind maidwwwwwwwwwwww

163 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:02:58.10 ID:DMEuIL23O
I know it's kinda late to point it out, but could it be that the Prez had already noticed that >>1 had fallen in love with CanBadge?

10 Nerine that we get a surprising Prez end.

164 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:03:49.33 ID:BeDcEal20
Once I got home, I kept staring at my cell phone, waiting for a call or a message from CanBadge. There was none.
I even sent him an e-mail saying "Sorry I said something weird today!". But there was still no call or e-mail the next day and the day after that.
My confession had been turned down. It never stood a chance in the first place.
I didn't cry as much when I broke up with the guys I'd been dating until then. With them, I was like "Oh well, shit happens.". I wasn't the type to get very attached anyway. Or so I thought.
I was shocked because I thought I was one of those cool indifferent people.

Although I feel a bit bad for my past boyfriends, it made me realize I'd never actually loved them.
In other words, it was the first time I really fell in love with someone.

I thought to myself, "So this is how it feels like to be in love with someone."
Then I thought, "If I'd known how it feels like, I'd have preferred not to fall in love in the first placewwwwww".
At the age of 21, I fell in love with someone for the first time and got my heart broken at the same time.

I cried. I cried all night and drank alcohol I couldn't stomach and cried again.

165 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:04:14.86 ID:Y2kJYLwO0
          /〃ハヾ  / ∧∨〃、ヾ} l| :}ミ;l\
        /〃// / 〃l lヽ∨,〈ヾ、メ〈 }} ;l リ ハ l`!ヽ.
          //' /,'  ,' 〃 l l川/,ヘ丶\;;ヽ/:'/〃∧ l ト、:l !
         〃,'/ ;  ,l ,'' ,l| レ'/A、.`、\;;ヽ∨〃/,仆|│l }. |、
         i' ,'' l| ,l ' l. !| l∠ニ_‐\ヽ;\,//,イ| l | l ト/ λ!
.        l ;  :|| ,'i:/ l| |:|: |``'^‐`ヾ∨`゙//|斗,l ! | ,タ /l.| l 
       l ' l |」,' l' lハ |'Ν    ̄´ /` ,|l_=ミ|! ly' ,〈 :|| |
        |l .l H|i: l | ゙、| l        _.::: ,!: l厂`刈/ /!} :l| 
        |! :l |)!| ! |  ヽ      '´ ’/'_,.   ノイ.〃/|!
        l|l |l 「゙|l |`{             ..   _   |}/,ハ l  JUST AS PLANNED
       |!l |l、| !l :|.      ‘ー-‐==ニ=:、__j:)  l'|/|l リ 
ヽ ̄ニ‐、__.」乢!L!lヱL」__           ー、 `'''´   从「 / 
 \ `ヽ\      /l |       / ̄´     //  
.  ,、  l  ゙、    / ' |、      {        /l/ 
   '}  l  ゙,    /   |:::\      }     ,.イ/ 
   l  l   l  ,.イ   l:::::::::\__   `'-‐::"// |′ 
   l   !   K ヽ,、 \「`''''''''"´:::::::;;:" //
.    l   l   ト、\( _.... ヽ  .:.::::::::;;″ /'       _
\   |  l|  八、ヽi´    | .:.:::::::::::::i' .:/'"´ ̄ ̄ ̄ ,.へ\

166 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:05:21.15 ID:o0jPvmjX0
Wait, this isn't... the end,... is it?

167 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:06:09.61 ID:DMEuIL23O
You drink, drink, get drunk and keep drinking.

168 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:08:43.80 ID:BeDcEal20
From where I live, the only way to get to Akihabara is to take the Hibiya subway line and get off at that station, so I did my best not to pass by the park.
But then again, I wanted to see CanBadge again because I still wanted us to stay friends.
It may seem contradictory, but I wanted to see him and not see him at the same time. I hated him as much as I missed him.
Even though I avoided the park like a pest, I still caught myself looking for CanBadge in the stores in Akihabarawwww

Then, two weeks later, I guess, assuming the dates in my diary are correct... I met him again.
Not CanBadge though, it was the Prez.
And not in Akihabara, it was in Shibuya. I went into Starbucks and the Prez was there.

I was like "Oh shit!" and tried to take a seat quickly somewhere far from him, but I guess the Prez noticed me because he started waving to me, shouting "Ohhh!!" in a voice so loud that it resounded through the whole building.

169 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:09:23.04 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I know that feel, OP!
A true unrequited love is seriously nothing to joke about. Makes you want to kill yourself.
But still... love is good thing... yeah...

170 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:09:45.61 ID:DMEuIL23O
The Prez!

171 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:12:57.07 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
The Prez comes out of nowherewwwwwwww

172 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:14:09.38 ID:BeDcEal20
Unable to just ignore him, I walked over to him with a really forced smile on my face.
I happened to be wearing clothes that were a bit showy on that day because of my job (I'm not in the night entertainment business thoughwwww), so the Prez and me sitting next to each other must have looked like a company president and a hostess on a datewwww
(I'd forgotten to mention that the Prez is actually the president of a company.)

I don't remember much of our conversation, but I think all we talked about was something harmless like when we went to Akihabara last.
That is, until the Prez shouted "AHHHHHH!!" all of a sudden (man, this guy's got a loud voice) and started glaring at me because he'd apparently remembered something.

"You've fallen in love with our leader, haven't you?"

I thought to myself, "CanBadge, you goddamn tattletale!!!!!!!", but since there was no use in denying it anymore, I nodded honestly.

173 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:14:50.43 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Ahhwww I know the Starbucks in Shibuyawww
They use underhanded tricks to get more money out of you like pretending there is no short size cups.
The Grande-sized Frappuccino almost killed me last time.

174 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:20:01.63 ID:BeDcEal20
"You can't make a move on him. We're in a no-girlfriend league, y'know?wwwwww"
"But CanBadge said he's not a member of such a league!"
"You're lyingwwwww There's no way our leader would say something like that, y'know?wwwww"

His "y'know" was pissing me off for some reason.

"The leader's shut himself out."
"He says he's too scared."

I got extremely worried wondering if he got some sort of sickness or something, but according to the Prez' explanation, CanBadge totally panicked when I confessed my love to him and didn't know what to do anymore.
He hadn't shut himself in his room like one would think, however, but had shut himself out of Akihabara (I didn't really get it either). The way I understood the Prez, CanBadge was scared of running into me in Akihabara because he wouldn't know what to say to me.

I wish I had an interpreter who translates the stuff the Prez says into Japanese so I could understand him.

175 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:21:25.34 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
The Prez is such a nasty characterw

176 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:25:49.32 ID:BeDcEal20
"We otaku don't need any love relationships."
the Prez said full of confidence.
↑ I bet, he thought it was a really cool thing to say when he said it, but nope, it wasn't cool at all.

Anyways, having heard why CanBadge was avoiding me, I figured I ought to try contacting him one more time.
But fearing that he might not reply if I sent an e-mail, I decided to give him a call instead.
He hung up as soon as he noticed it was me though.
I thought to myself, "How dare he avoid me in such an obvious way!!?", but then figured anyone would be perplexed if your friend confessed their love to you all of a sudden.
Two weeks had passed since my confession. Even though my wounds were still deep, I'd calmed down enough to be able to think about it a bit more calmly.

So I sent CanBadge a mail that went like "I'm going to Akihabara this week. Shall we go to that maid cafe again? It'll be on me too since you paid the bill last time.".
If he didn't reply, then that would be fine too. But I guess I was really hoping he'd reply.

177 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:32:13.83 ID:mwTaDEaoO
Boy, the Prez is annoyingwww

178 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:32:20.88 ID:BeDcEal20
Reading >>175 made me remember something. The people I've met in Akihabara all have their own very distinct and unique character for some reason.
They all call each other by nicknames and some even described themselves as tsundere themselves. (Though I guess tsundere aren't that unique.)
You could take the Prez & his crew and directly turn them into manga characters. That's how interesting and comical their personalities are. I wonder if it's only a thing in Akihabara.

On the following Friday, I got an e-mail in the evening. From an unknown address. I was like "Who the hell?" at first, but it was one of CanBadge's friends. I remembered how we once exchanged addresses when I borrowed a game from him. I was like "Ahh, it's that guy...".
The e-mail was just a one-liner.

"CanBadge can't come."

is all it said.

As you can probably imagine, I snapped.
I was like "I got it already! I'm sorry I said I love you! I'm very sorry, but why do you have to go this far to avoid me!?
If you're gonna turn me down, at least do it yourself! The hell are you using your friend for!?
And how dare you tell the Prez about my confession!!!??". All the anger I'd bottled up inside me until then suddenly burst out and I felt like shouting "AAAAHHHHH!!!".
I guess, you'd normally think "What a coward!" and stop liking him, but I didn't.

Instead, I wrote to CanBadge "We gotta talk. You better fucking come." and went to sleep, still irritated as hell.

179 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:34:06.87 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Yes, I like where this is going.

180 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:35:06.93 ID:BeDcEal20
I'll be honest this time, I'm off to make something to eat now. But I should be back by 6pm.
I'd be glad if you could keep the thread alive until then. But since it's a Saturday, maybe it won't die as fast? Not sure though.

181 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:36:09.17 ID:V51YvAUaO
I'll be waiting!

182 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:40:18.24 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Bump and I'm off to eat too.

183 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:40:49.60 ID:XFMCwHNxO
Looking forward to it! ・ω・ノシ

184 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:42:40.61 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
You're manly as fuck, OP. I think I'm in lovewww
I'll be waitingw

185 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:45:27.18 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Wait, what if the Prez and CanBadge are gay? That would explain why they don't want a girlfriend.

186 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:46:36.25 ID:N/MChVv0O
I got a lot of time on my hands since I'm down with a cold today.
I'll be lying in my futon waiting for you, OP.

187 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 16:47:02.99 ID:DMEuIL23O
Isn't it too early for dinner?www

I say she's having Udonw

188 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:01:29.97 ID:M9uC2fyt0

189 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:08:04.94 ID:DMEuIL23O
Don't post "Bumps" and sage the thread!w

190 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:09:37.70 ID:2mYlh0I/0
Just got here. Summary in 3 lines please.

191 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:14:27.37 ID:JfuzZ3qW0

192 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:23:44.61 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Let's try to guess what will happen next.
1 and CanBadge meet again in Akihabara. idea what will happen after thatww

193 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:24:06.28 ID:e3Ealu2BO
Bumping because I wanna know what happens next.

194 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:29:16.44 ID:AIYGgWugO

195 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:29:56.63 ID:UL7lEtPoO

>>1 confesses his love to an otaku.
>>1 becomes a shut-in otaku because Nerine >>> Unclimbable wall >>> >>1
>>1 is now off to eat Udon.

196 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:31:44.12 ID:aBZmY7ClO
Everyone on VIP, let's go crush this ugly bald woman called Asami!wwwwww

Knock yourselves out.

197 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:35:59.94 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I don't have anything to do either, so let me tell you guys about my past relationships to kill time.

198 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:36:27.66 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Do it, do itw

199 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:41:33.92 ID:BeDcEal20
It wasn't Udon, but tasty Soba.
I wrote a bit ahead while eating my Soba. Thanks to the people who kept the thread alive btw.

On the next day, a Saturday, I headed to Akihabara. I'd forgotten to tell him what time to meet, but since we usually met up at 4pm anyway, I thought why bother and just went there at about 4pm.
I was somehow relieved to see CanBadge in a corner of the park.
Feeling relieved and thinking "Yes! It's CanBadge!!!wwww" at the same time, I'd cheered up in an instantwwww

I called out to CanBadge and he walked over to me with his eyes glued to the ground. He said "It's been a while." and went silent. Then he kept mumbling something incomprehensible to himself. There was something obviously wrong with himwwwww
Apparently, he'd spent the whole afternoon looking for me because he didn't know what time I wanted to meet himwwwwww He should've just asked me in an e-mail thoughwwwww

I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to tell him, but I figured I should apologize first.

"Sorry I said something stupid and made you feel uncomfortable."
"You can forget about what I said, okay?"
"I CAN!?"

shouted CanBadge loudly all of a sudden, even though he was acting all flustered moments before. What kind of reaction is that anyway?

"I can forget about it!? You're telling me to forget about it!?"

Wow, CanBadge, calm down.

He seemed quite frantic and I didn't really understand what was making him panic that much.

200 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:43:09.14 ID:BeDcEal20
"But I can't forget about it just like that!!!"

I was getting yelled at by CanBadge who'd gotten really mad all of a sudden. "I think it wouldn't be right to forget it!", he said, breathing heavily through his nose.

"Ahh... Ahh... ......but maybe I should forget it after all?"

I felt like shouting "Make up your mind!!!" in my mind, but before I knew it, I'd actually shouted it out loud.

I still remember pretty clearly how our conversation went after that and I'd love to write it out, but I can't because it was mostly CanBadge mumbling incomprehensible stuffwwwww
Let me post a summary instead:

- Having been confessed to for the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do anymore.
- He got scared because girls tell lies all the time and he doesn't know how to date a girl anyway.
- Having never been in a relationship to start with, he didn't know what to do anymore.

That about sums it up.

201 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:43:46.65 ID:IuIgaYEJO
First boyfriend
How long it lasted: About 3 years.
How much I loved him: ☆
Looked like an inferior version of Okada Jun'ichi.

Second boyfriend
How long it lasted: 2.5 months
How much I loved him: ☆☆☆
Resembled Hibino Hareluya.

Third boyfriend
How long it lasted: 3 years.
How much I loved him: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Resembled Hiraoka Yuuta.

Fourth boyfriend
How long it's lasted: About 2 years.
How much I love him: ☆☆☆☆☆
Resembles the Java Man. ← This is where I'm at right now.
And this is where I'll probably stay.

202 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:43:47.64 ID:BeDcEal20
He seriously panicked and didn't know what to do anymore. That's basically the reason why he told the Prez about my confession and why he didn't try to contact me at all.
Later, he apologized to me for everything.

"I was practically at the verge of death the past two weeks because you suddenly said you love me."

he said.
Why the hell would you die because someone confessed their feelings for you?wwwwwwww

"I couldn't ask for advice on 2ch either because I was scared that they'd just go 'Yeah, right, in your dreamswwwwww'..."


"...Also, I told you that there is no League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemen, but actually there is."

So there is one!

"I lied back then."


"I don't know."

As soon as he'd said that, he sat down and went silent.
CanBadge might have told me more about how he sufferedw, but this is about all I remember.

203 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:44:42.50 ID:BeDcEal20
As it turns out, he even asked his colleagues for advice.
Train Man was very popular back then and Akiba otaku were suddenly getting a lot of attention. His colleagues apparently told him "You sure she isn't just pulling your leg or something?wwwww".

Anyways, I apologized for making him worry so much, asked him to stay friends with me just like we were before the whole confession thing and then went home.
When he said "I won't forget it after all!" at the end, I knew he was back to the usual CanBadge.

Oh yeah, I remembered something about the first time we met. CanBadge called out to me on that day because he thought that Gabrin was chatting me up and that he could use the opportunity to talk to a girl.
I noticed he's the kind of guy that's extremely cheerful and easy to get along with at first, but pulls back as soon as you make a move on him.
That's probably why he panicked so much when I confessed my feelings to him. I'm just guessing though.

Then, about a month passed without anything noteworthy happeningwwww We'd gone back to our usual meeting-in-Akihabara-on-Saturdays-and-talking-in-that-park kind of relationship.
Even if it might take a while until I'd be able to fall in love again, I thought I'd somehow hang in there.
I'd almost given up on CanBadge too.

Then came an extremely cold winter and with it the Winter Comiket.
One day, I ran into CanBadge at the Becker's Burgers & Sandwiches in Akihabara. I walked right over to him because it was kinda unusual to meet him outside of that park.

When I tapped him on the shoulder, he started acting strangely and dropped the magazine he was reading.
It was that men's fashion magazine called "MEN'S NON-NO".

204 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:45:46.25 ID:BeDcEal20
I thought to myself, "What the hell is he reading?".
Just when I was thinking "It's not like CanBadge to read a fashion magazine...", he said "This is Gabrin's magazine! He forgot it!", as if trying to justify himself.

Later, I found out that he was actually starting to get a little interested in fashion around that time.
He changed his hairstyle and the way he dressed too. He started wearing more fashionable clothes additionally to that one good suit of his.

"You've gotten kinda handsome lately, haven't you, CanBadge?"
"Oh, come on. Isn't it, like, normal for a guy?wwww"

Normal guys don't put can badges with anime characters on them on their tote bags.

When I said "I like it. Keep it up!", he smiled at me shyly. I was kinda happy.

But that happiness didn't last long as the Prez quickly brought me back down to earth again.

I ran into the Prez at the store I bought the Winter Comiket pamphlet from.
One thing led to another and we ended up having lunch together. I wanted to say no at first, but when the Prez said we'd go to a new maid cafe, I got curious and gave in.

205 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:45:54.77 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I'm sure it must've taken courage to write all that, but I don't think anyone will care now that >>1 is backw

206 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:46:40.30 ID:kx993ZY3O
To be fair, girls often tell hurtful lies without blinking an eyelash.

207 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:46:50.71 ID:BeDcEal20
"We expelled the leader."

the Prez suddenly said on the way to the cafe.
I asked, "Expelled from where?", and he answered, "From our League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemen.".

My heart skipped a beat.
I was wondering if he'd changed his mind. Hoping he'd fallen in love with me or something.
Desperately trying to keep my lips from forming a wide smile, I asked him "Why?".

"Because he said he got himself a girlfriend."

he said.

208 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:47:12.28 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Sorry, I should have refreshed the page before postingw
Please ignore it.

Also, I like where this is going.

209 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:47:57.03 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Welcome back!
Don't worry, I'll listen to your story once >>1 is finished with hersw

210 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:48:20.56 ID:BeDcEal20
That's all I managed to write while eating my Soba. This is turning out to be a lot longer than I expected, I hope it's okay. Or should I try to shorten it more?

211 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:50:25.22 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Please continue like this.

212 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:50:57.91 ID:WCN0RYIS0
Why shorten it if you feel more comfortable this way?
We've come this far, you might as well post the rest in the same level of detailw

213 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:52:45.19 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Yeah, I too want you to continue like this.

214 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:53:49.60 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Like this!

215 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:55:40.92 ID:BeDcEal20
I came back at the worst possible timing!!! Sorry. orz

Thanks for the replies. I won't try to shorten the rest then.

I couldn't believe that he'd went and gotten himself a girlfriend. I mean, he only turned me down because "Nerine is superior". Though he didn't really phrase it like thatwww
I was like "He told me he doesn't know how to date a girl, but now he's dating one!? Why?"
All I could think was "Why? Why!?". I think I had tears in my eyes when I asked the Prez "Are you sure about that?"www

"Of course. I heard it from the leader himself. He was like 'Sorry, guyswwwww'."

I couldn't stop wondering where the heck in Japan he was able to find a 3D version of Nerine.

I felt like I had understood why he was reading something fashionable like "MEN'S NON-NO".

I was so shocked my mouth fell open.
I was speechless.

216 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 17:57:53.93 ID:DMEuIL23O
Pfffww What an irresponsible leaderwwwwww

217 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:01:48.45 ID:BeDcEal20
When I passed by the park on my way home, CanBadge was sitting there like always. Seeing how he seemed to be freezing in the cold, I couldn't ignore him and said "Hey!" to him.
CanBadge seemed like his usual self, almost as if nothing had changed. I figured I'd just ask him about it.

I felt like asking him,

"So, where did you find a Nerine?".

But I couldn't.
If I asked him... and he told me all about it, I figured I wouldn't be able to recover from the shock. I wasn't trying to avert my eyes from the truth or something, but I was just so scared of hearing the words "I got a girlfriend." from his mouth.
On an unrelated note, I was addicted to the eroge "Night Shift Nurses" back then.

218 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:02:48.25 ID:DMEuIL23O
That really is unrelatedwwwwwww w

219 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:06:28.74 ID:BeDcEal20
I'd completely spaced out. The Prez told me later I looked like my soul had been sucked out thenwwwww
On one hand, I was surprised, thinking "So he can fall in love with a 3D girl now!?", but on the other hand, the hopelessly optimistic side of me couldn't help but think "I might still have a chance then!".

When I once asked CanBadge what type of girl he likes, he said "A younger sister (not related by blood)". I told him "No, I mean, in real life." and he said "Then there is none.".
In any case, I still hadn't obtained any information on CanBadge's girlfriend when December came.

220 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:07:01.54 ID:8LRiFZnK0
Nightwww Shiftwww Nurseswww

221 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:09:23.08 ID:IuIgaYEJO
CanBadge is such a Beta.
The type that tends to tell lots of unnecessary lies.

222 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:10:39.01 ID:BeDcEal20
The Christmas shopping season reminded me of something: I still hadn't said thanks to Gabrin!
I know, it sure took longwwwww I decided to go to his store again with my little brother. Then I remembered how CanBadge had told me the store had moved to a different location, so I looked up the new address in the Internet.
But the address hadn't changed.

I was like "?????", but figured they had to cancel the move for some reason. But I didn't think much into it at that moment.
And so, my brother and I headed to the store on a holiday that week.

223 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:11:19.67 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
CanBadge looks a bit like GanBatte, does it not?

224 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:12:31.20 ID:DMEuIL23O
Huh? Why do I feel like we're heading to a happy ending...?

225 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:15:41.87 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I don't know why, but >>1 seems like a pathetic person...

226 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:18:09.56 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, but what is a Beta?

We entered the store and were immediately greeted by Gabrin.
I recognized him right away, but Gabrin made a face like "Who were you again?". When I said "Err... business card... in Akihabara...", he finally seemed to remember me.

"Thanks for coming."

"Don't mention it."

"You're Sayuki, aren't you?"


"Huh!? Wasn't your name Sayuki?"

"No, I'm XXX..."


Gabrin then said "Oh well, take your time." to my brother.

227 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:21:50.76 ID:BeDcEal20
I had no idea who he'd mistaken me for, but I didn't really care.
When I told him I'd heard that the store would get moved, he said that the move had been postponed to sometime next year and that they'd send flyers around with the new address then.

Just when I was getting irritated at my little brother for taking too long with his shopping because I wanted to go home quickly and play a hentai game...
an e-mail from CanBadge arrived.
It said something along the lines of "Are you at Gabrin's place?".
I replied "Yeah.", but didn't get any other e-mails from him after that. It was a bit strange since he normally doesn't write any pointless e-mails.
Though I guess e-mails about anime are kinda pointless toowwww

228 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:24:04.88 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
So women play eroge too?w

229 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:26:56.77 ID:DMEuIL23O
I think I smell a web of lies.

230 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:27:58.26 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Why do I feel like >>1 is the subject of a vast conspiracy?

231 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:30:31.46 ID:BeDcEal20
Soon, it was already the second half of December.
In other words, Christmas was all around.
I was planning on shutting myself in my room and trolling the couples board in 2ch at firstwwwwww, but I was invited to dinner by friends and decided to have a dinner party with three single female friends instead.

It was that week.
I saw a woman who seemed to be CanBadge's girlfriend. In Akihabara.
I thought "Let's see if she really looks like Nerinewwwww" and took a peek, but I was shocked when I caught a glimpse of her face. There was no way I could beat her. orz
I don't care very much about looks, so I wouldn't know, but she was seriously pretty. And she was walking next to CanBadge for some reason.
I went through all manga-like coincidences like "Is she his mother? His older sister? Younger sister?", but no matter how you looked at it, they weren't blood-related. No, she had to be his girlfriend. I didn't know for sure, but she had to be his girlfriend.

232 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:30:48.20 ID:JuYlFARXO
There seem to be all kinds of foreshadowing...

233 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:31:21.24 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Beta = Insecure and passive guy
You should be able to find threads about Betas in the romance board.
But after seeing your last post, I'm not so sure if CanBadge is a Beta anymorewww

234 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:33:25.85 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Seriously now...? Didn't see that one coming!

235 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:35:21.83 ID:WCN0RYIS0
I guess >>1's confession gave CanBadge the confidence to get himself a girlfriend......
I feel bad for >>1 now.

236 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:36:39.16 ID:BeDcEal20
I do. I love eroge. Even as I'm writing this, I'm playing one. That's actually why I'm taking so long to write this. Sorry, guyswwwwwww

Next thing I did was run around everywhere in Akihabara looking for the Prez.
I suddenly felt like telling the Prez what happened and how I felt. Even now, I don't really understand why it had to be the Prez.
I looked for him in K-BOOKS, Messe Sanoh, Tora no Ana, Melon Books, everywhere, but he wasn't there. I thought "Where the hell is that guy!?" and got slowly pissed at him, but I still proceeded to search every nook and cranny of Akihabarawwwwwwwwww So creepywwwwwww

Unable to find him in the end, I swore to myself I'd ask him for his number the next time I saw him, so I could summon him whenever I needed him.

The Prez and I had somehow become pretty close buddies. He didn't seem to think of me as a woman anywaywwwwww Our tastes and hobbies weren't compatible at all eitherwwwwww Kinda like how Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy fans don't get along.
Maybe that was why I could talk to him about all kinds of otaku-unrelated things. Kinda like a surrogate father? Though I guess calling him father would be rude to himwwwwww
He also knew that I was in love with CanBadge. In short, he was the only person I could ask for advice about CanBadge.

237 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:37:30.88 ID:tqiqGy+XO
I don't care how, I just want this to have a happy ending.

238 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:39:04.99 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
>>1 Huh, and here I thought you and the Prez didn't get alongw

239 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:45:04.35 ID:pNQ7wlasO
When did all this happen?
When was Train Man again?

240 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:46:30.11 ID:BeDcEal20
I'm glad so many people are reading this, but let me warn you beforehand. There are no surprising twists and the like in this story.
I could have, of course, fabricated some to spice it up, but it just wouldn't have been right.
So please read it at your own leisure without expecting too much.

To be honest, somewhere in my mind, I still couldn't believe CanBadge had a girlfriend.
Even though he had started dressing a bit more fashionable, he was still an otaku. It can't be easy, even for handsome guys, to get a girlfriend as pretty as that woman.
But then again, CanBadge is a really nice guy.

"Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano said a man that lets a woman pay isn't a man!"

he said whenever we'd eaten out and stood at the register. We only went to cheap restaurants though because he was always broke.
As I don't like having others pay for my meal and didn't want it to become a rule, I offered him my share every time, but he never accepted it.
Then he'd say "Okay, buy me a manga volume then. Then we're even.". CanBadge can be so cute sometimes.

CanBadge is a nice guy. A really nice guy. Suddenly, him getting himself a pretty girlfriend didn't seem all that unlikely anymore.

Even so, she might be deceiving him. Or toying with him. I was more worried about thatwwwwww And the Prez seemed worried about the same thingwwwwww
When I told the Prez I'd seen CanBadge with a girl in Akihabara, he said

"Let's try tailing him the next time we see him."

with a look on his face like a worried parent.

241 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:46:56.09 ID:DMEuIL23O
This is starting to look more and more like I win the bet. I'm the guy who predicted a Prez end.

242 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:48:53.28 ID:eDVRxafC0
This is still going on?wwwww

243 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:49:25.73 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Tailingww Snakewwwwwwww

244 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:55:09.18 ID:BeDcEal20
I was wondering why I'm feeling so tired, but just noticed that I've been at this since 11am todaywwwwwww
I'm really grateful for everyone reading this.
However! Give me a minute because I need to save my game. I finally got a sex scene.

245 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:55:12.14 ID:UL7lEtPoO
No fabrications pleasew

CanBack can't be a bad guy if he likes Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadanow

246 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:56:16.89 ID:IuIgaYEJO
What a lewd name.

247 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:58:31.83 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
For >>1, it's more like ComeBackw

248 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:58:35.06 ID:DMEuIL23O
To think that she was simultaneously playing a hentai game all this timewwww

249 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 18:59:28.43 ID:UL7lEtPoO
Sorry, I meant to write CanBadge. orz
Is CanBack really lewd?

250 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:02:19.63 ID:cASi4V3qO
Very. >//////<

251 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:02:21.49 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
It took me a while to notice the typo. CanBackwww

252 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:03:55.80 ID:BeDcEal20
Soon, the Prez and I started dating.
CanBadge will marry that pretty woman sometime this year.
The end.

Except that's not what happened.

The next time I saw CanBadge was just before Christmas.
CanBadge seemed very restless that day and kept going "Oh boy, oh boy..." no matter what I said.
My guess was that he was nervous about spending Christmas with a girl for the first time in his life.

I didn't want to hear him talk about his girlfriend, but at the same time, I wanted to help him out as a friend and asked him if he's looking forward to Christmas.

"Did you already buy a present for your girlfriend, CanBadge?"


I thought to myself, "What are you acting so surprised for?wwwwww", but he seemed to be in a big hurry for some reason.
"Maybe keeping his girlfriend a secret from me is his way of showing consideration." is what I thought.
Since I had given up all hope after seeing the gorgeous woman I was up against, I'd decided to support him in every way I could. (Or so it says in my diary.)

253 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:05:17.83 ID:e0/pwhYs0
I found this thread about three minutes ago and have been reading everything from >>1 on, but there's one thing that's bothering me.
Is this really a love story?

254 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:05:29.47 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I only now noticed the typo in >>247ww

255 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:06:00.40 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Hey, don't scare me like thatwwwww

256 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:07:44.09 ID:DMEuIL23O
Damn you!wwww

257 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:08:21.27 ID:UL7lEtPoO
It's strange... When I read the words "CanBack" and "lewd", all I can think of is a guy sticking his dick into an empty can...

258 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:10:29.43 ID:IuIgaYEJO
It's starting to look good for 1www

259 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:10:41.17 ID:DMEuIL23O
The only strange thing is your messed-up brain.

260 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:13:11.05 ID:BeDcEal20

You're right, the thread title is a bit misleading. Maybe I should've made it "Eroge woman and otaku man fall in love.".

I didn't want him to hide it anymore. I just wanted to congratulate him on his first girlfriend. And he might even get to lose his virginity soonwwwwwwww

"I know about it already, CanBadgewwwww Did you at least reserve a table at a restaurant on Christmas Day?"

"No, I haven't!!"

I thought, "Why is he acting so stiff?wwww". Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something by the way.
When Gabrin thought my name was Sayuki, it seems he thought I was CanBadge's girlfriend.
According to Gabrin, CanBadge said "Guys, guyswwwwwwwww I got myself a girlfriendwwwwwwwww Sorry, guyswwwwwwwwwww", when he was out drinking with his friends. They were happy for him and congratulated him on it, but he got all shy suddenly and said "No, never mind..." in return. As usual, CanBadge can't take it when people are nice to him.
They kept asking him about her name and he kept saying it's a secret until he finally gave in and said "Sayuki.".

Which reminds me, seeing how Gabrin thought I was CanBadge's girlfriend, I guess he must have had completely forgotten about mewwwwwwww

"What about a present? Any girl would be happy about a Christmas present."

CanBadge seemed depressed all of a sudden and let his head hang down.

261 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:17:40.09 ID:BeDcEal20
I had no idea what his problem was and said "CanBadge?", but he just kept sighing. Still clueless, I thought I'd quickly change the topic to something else.

"Well, I'm having a dinner party with a few friends."


"On Christmas Day. It'll be an all-women dinner partywwwwwww But I'm still looking forward to seeing them again after such a long time."

CanBadge's jaw dropped to the ground.
His face seemed to be saying "Eh?".
He asked me "Didn't you know!?".

"Know what?"

"Oh come on..."

He started scratching his head and sat down on the ground. All the while whispering "I can do it, I can do it..."wwwwwwww

262 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:18:43.24 ID:Ym1bwlHJ0
Is this going... where I think it's going...

263 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:19:03.06 ID:eDVRxafC0

264 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:19:23.20 ID:dkv8++7rO
I can't take the anticipation...

265 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:19:28.75 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Here it comes!!!!!!

266 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:19:32.90 ID:BeDcEal20
My fucking savegame is gonewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Oh Godwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Fuck my lifewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

267 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:19:44.72 ID:7FHWXsEn0
Oh shit...!!!!
What comes next!!?

268 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:20:11.46 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
The time has finally come!

269 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:20:18.65 ID:dkv8++7rO
Hey!www Keep writing!www

270 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:20:33.27 ID:DMEuIL23O
Who cares about your savegame? Write the rest!wwwwwwwwww

271 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:21:22.42 ID:IuIgaYEJO
You can't stop at the most interesting part because of some erogewww
Or is it to hide your embarrassment?

272 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:22:50.74 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
What's going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
Bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

273 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:23:17.72 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Quit playing eroge at the same time!wwwwwwww

274 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:23:50.05 ID:BeDcEal20
I got so mad I almost pulled the plug on my computerwwwwwww


That was the first time I noticed that the can badges on CanBadge's tote bag were gone.
I was like "Ah, no can badges.".
Just when I was thinking that, CanBadge stood up. "OH COME ON!", he shouted half-pissed.

"Couples spend Christmas together, don't they!!? It's common sense!!!"

275 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:24:47.62 ID:LEzdlGrnO

276 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:25:01.97 ID:DMEuIL23O
What a roundabout way to put itwwwwwww

Stop beating around the bush, CanBitchwwwww

277 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:25:12.36 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
I can't stop grinningwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

278 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:25:25.14 ID:dkv8++7rO
Oh fuckwww
CanBadge was a tsundere all along!

279 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:25:34.84 ID:eDVRxafC0
     ヽ     .i:::::::::::::::/:://:::/、/::::/  /:::::::/.l::::::lヽ::::l:::::::::::::::::}
  :.   }     l:::: r-l::l / //  ヾ/、u /l:::::/ l:::/ ヽ:::ll::::::::::::::::l
  :.   ト== ̄!l:/ ̄.l:l u /,,   /  ヾ、,., l::/ , l/_,..-l:::l-l::::::::::::ll
  :.   l     k   l:l   ll{~'i::::-...、 ヾ  ′/ ゙''^_   l/  l::::/:/
  :.   l     {   l:ll l l i㍉{:::::::::::ノ^       ー--.....,.__  l:://丶
  :.   l     ヽ  l:l | l l| l ゛ー '′l l  | l | | {::::::::::ノ ll ゛ / l  \
  :.   ゝ    .ヽ、.ll lU|l .| | l|| l  | .l l l l.ー '´彡"/ /
     ノ       ヽ、.l  | l l | l.|l|  l l l l | | i | l l/ /
、   /        ヾlヽ   !  !  !   ! |  ! !| .| ! l | //
ヽー '         r'^ll ヽ  u            ! !   ,.'
           ノ.ヽノ  \     rー  --.,      ,/

280 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:26:40.50 ID:BeDcEal20
I felt like using a shocked smiley, but I wasn't on 2ch.
I was completely flabbergasted.
Like "Wha-!?".
Like "What is this guy talking about?".

"Who's a couple with whom?"

"You and me."

"What about Nerine?"


", I mean, your girlfriend."

" here."


"Right in front of me."

It was pitch black, but I bet CanBadge's face was red as a tomato.
Not because he was embarrassed. Because he was excited. I, on the other hand, was irritated as hell.

I thought to myself, "Pardon me? You trying to say I'm your girlfriend? But you got that pretty Nerine of yours, don't you?wwwwww".

281 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:26:40.44 ID:8FpAP9Wj0
Wait...... This can't be......

282 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:26:52.45 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Why is CanBadge so cute?

283 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:27:55.27 ID:eDVRxafC0
What about Sayuki?

284 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:28:13.60 ID:dkv8++7rO
Oh boywww Okaywww
I'm sitting here with one huge creepy smile on my face.

285 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:28:14.90 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Okay, everyone, prepare your AA's!

286 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:28:25.49 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I'm relieved because it went just like I had expectedw

287 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:29:09.15 ID:DMEuIL23O
I got it!
Sayuki probably only helped him pick out a present for 1!

288 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:29:22.10 ID:BeDcEal20
"You and I, we aren't a couple, are we?"

When I said that, CanBadge shouted "HUUUH!?" in a strange voicewwwwwww

"We... aren't a couple? You and I."

This time, CanBadge was flabbergasted.
I was still flabbergasted, so there we were, both flabbergasted.

I don't like dragging it out, but let me tell this part bit by bit.

289 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:30:00.54 ID:M9uC2fyt0
So cutewww So fucking cutewwwww

290 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:30:03.42 ID:DMEuIL23O
Keep 'em coming, bit by bitwwww

291 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:31:08.94 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
CanBadge is so moew

292 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:31:09.84 ID:IuIgaYEJO
CanBadge seems to think you become a couple the moment a woman confesses her love to you.

293 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:32:18.80 ID:BeDcEal20
"What's with that woman that was with you!?"


"I saw you walking next to each other!!!"


"Then, who's Sayuki!?"


"What made you think we're already a couple!?"

I had way too many things I wanted to ask him. And I think I asked quite a few of them at once.

I have to get to the end before 8pm. I'll try to write faster.

294 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:32:56.66 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Yeah, write faster!

295 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:33:33.89 ID:DMEuIL23O
It's only taking long because you're playing eroge at the same time, isn't it?wwwwww

296 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:33:42.78 ID:cASi4V3qO
Can't contain my grin anymore.

297 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:33:52.86 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Virgin guys who have never dated anyone before tend to get stupid ideas like that.
I can totally see why CanBadge would think thatw

298 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:34:26.32 ID:mwTaDEaoO
So that woman he was walking with was family after all?

299 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:34:57.26 ID:BeDcEal20
After a barrage of questions, CanBadge went back to being flabbergasted. I remembered how you should never ask CanBadge too many questions at once and decided to ask only one question at a time.

"Okay, why did you think we were a couple?"

"Because... you said you love me."

"But you turned me down!!"

"I did not!! I told you I won't forget it!!"

"No one would take that as a YES!!!!!"

is what I thought, and shouted too.
All the people in the park, quite a few at that, looked in our directionwwwwww

300 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:35:00.57 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Hang in there, 1!

301 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:35:21.29 ID:eDVRxafC0
"I won't forget it after all!"

This, huh?

302 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:35:24.99 ID:DMEuIL23O
So you got a date with CanBadge at 8pm today, huh?

303 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:35:48.64 ID:w56uvgNf0
Alright! Give it to me!

304 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:35:59.55 ID:dkv8++7rO
Oh boywww I'm grinning so hard right nowwww

305 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:36:09.53 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I don't know when to use my AA because Canbadge keeps beating around the bushwwww

306 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:36:34.40 ID:eDVRxafC0
Is the punchline that CanBadge is lying next to you right now...?

307 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:38:14.39 ID:BeDcEal20
"Then what about her!? That woman you were walking around with!!!"

"Huh? When was that?"

Don't make it sound like you walk around with girls all the time!!!!!

"That pretty, gyaru-like woman who seemed a bit older than you!"


"Who was that?"

"So you saw her?"

"Yes, I did. And I know you don't have any sisters, CanBadge."


"Who was she?"


He went silent for a long time.
For a very long time, while fidgeting aroundwwwww
But I thought it doesn't help to keep going "Come on! Answer me!" at times like this and waited patiently.

308 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:38:38.02 ID:62qX3NsQO
Are you still together with CanBadge?

309 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:39:18.48 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
What's fun about spoiling the end like that?w

310 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:39:28.17 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Don't ask that before >>1 is finished!

311 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:40:01.31 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I can't wait to read the restwww

312 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:40:15.21 ID:DMEuIL23O
Fidgeting around...

313 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:40:52.67 ID:IuIgaYEJO
The important question is "Why did 1 decide to start this thread today?".

314 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:41:55.07 ID:cASi4V3qO
I was expecting a bad end because 1 said she doesn't know CanBadge's age in >>127.

315 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:42:52.48 ID:gnIeuXjn0
I can't contain my grin and excitement any longerwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

316 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:43:34.80 ID:BeDcEal20
Almost correct, but wait until the end of the story.

" was an acquaintance of the Prez. A h-hostess."

A hostess!?

"You go to hostess bars?"
"I don't! I don't even want to! I couldn't even if I wanted to!"
"Why were you walking around with a hostess then?"
"Because... Christmas..."
"What does it have to do with Christmas?"
"I didn't know anything about spending Christmas together with a girl and the Prez said we should ask a real professional at love matters."

In other words, the Prez knew about it all.
I wanted to ask "Why didn't he tell me!?wwwwww", but I was too exhausted to do anything.
Judging from CanBadge's personality, I'm pretty sure he said the truth when he said he never went to a hostess bar. But even if he did go, I wouldn't mind. More than anything else, I was glad he wasn't getting deceived.

317 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:43:38.26 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Son, I am disappoint.

318 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:45:06.52 ID:DMEuIL23O
I can't believe it...

319 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:45:27.44 ID:dkv8++7rO
Wha-(;・`д・´)What did you say!?

320 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:46:20.20 ID:7FHWXsEn0
>Almost correct

For real!?wwwwww

321 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:46:52.12 ID:eDVRxafC0
The Prezwwwwww is a mean fatherwwwwwwww

322 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:47:10.64 ID:IuIgaYEJO
The Prez is such a joker...

323 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:47:53.45 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
The Prez knew?
To me, it seemed like the Prez didn't want >>1 to end up with CanBadge...
But to think he even paid a hostess to help him outwwww What an unpredictable guywwwwwww

324 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:49:28.14 ID:BeDcEal20
"Then, who's Sayuki?"


"Yeah, I know, I got the name from Gabrin. Who is she?"

He wouldn't answer, so I asked him again. He finally said he used the name Sayuki because he thought it wouldn't be right to tell them my real name.

"But why Sayuki!?wwwwww"

Remember when I said I was addicted to the eroge "Night Shift Nurses" a few posts back? To be precise, it was "Night Shift Nurses 2".
There's a character called Tezuka Sayuki in the game. And well, she happens to be the character CanBadge and I both found the most moe.

"I had a hard time coming up with a name on the spot, but then I remembered how we talked about Night Shift Nurses a few days before that..."

And that's why he decided to use the name Sayuki.

325 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:50:19.50 ID:q7GG6Jw80
In b4

"...and this is the plot of an eroge I'm working on. What do you guys think?w"

326 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:50:39.22 ID:DMEuIL23O
So Night Shift Nurses was foreshadowing?wwwwwww

327 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:50:55.24 ID:Ym1bwlHJ0
I'd be okay with thatwww

328 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:50:58.98 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I'd pre-order 100 copies.

329 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:52:11.16 ID:dkv8++7rO
Of course, full of sex scenes, I presume?

330 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:52:58.52 ID:eDVRxafC0
CanBack all the way.

331 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:54:51.35 ID:BeDcEal20
My legs were shaking and I couldn't stand anymore.
I don't remember much of what happened afterwards either.
What I do remember is how my legs couldn't carry me anymore and I sank down. CanBadge tried to support me, but couldn't and got buried under mewwwwww I remember thinking to myself how physically weak he iswwwww

And that's how we officially started dating.
I'm running out of time, so let me summarize it in a few sentences.
Yesterday, CanBadge and I had our marriage registered. It's a very early marriage, but we didn't have much choice for CanBadge's family reasons.
And today happens to be CanBadge's birthday. He told me he'd be back by 8pm. I want us to have a small celebration then.
That's why I kept saying I have to be finished before 8pm. It's also why I had dinner so early.

Just when I was writing this post, CanBadge sent me an e-mail.
Apparently, I still have some time until he's back, but I'm at the end of my story anyway. Sorry I had to write everything in a hurry in the endwwwwwww

332 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:55:40.74 ID:7FHWXsEn0

333 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:55:46.93 ID:IuIgaYEJO
The game would have a Prez end and a Gabrin end too, right? What a great game.

Also, I'm for adding more lover's quarrel scenes.

334 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:56:08.17 ID:w56uvgNf0
What the fuck, you didn't have to make it that short.

335 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:56:11.89 ID:DMEuIL23O
You guyswwww already marriedwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

336 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:56:48.85 ID:62qX3NsQO
Thanks for the story!
And congratulations on your marriage!

337 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:56:49.28 ID:eDVRxafC0
You shortened it too muchwwwwwwwwwwwww
Family reasons doesn't sound so good, but congrats on your marriage!wwwwwwwwwwwww

338 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:56:50.97 ID:8LRiFZnK0

339 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:57:16.62 ID:Ym1bwlHJ0
Congratz on your marriage!!

340 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:57:27.09 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I wanna experience a love like this toowwwwwww


341 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:57:44.92 ID:BeDcEal20
I'm going to move into my new home soon and stumbled on my diary while packing my stuff together.
I only kept diary back then to make notes for myself, but reading the entries made me remember how I felt at that time and I suddenly felt like starting a thread about it.

CanBadge and I still go to Akihabara together regularly. Even at this moment, CanBadge is hanging around in Akihabarawwwwww I couldn't go with him because I'm not feeling too well todaywwww

Thank you all for reading my overly long story!!!

342 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:58:06.19 ID:cASi4V3qO
Reading your story made me feel warm inside.
- A housewive in Saitama.

343 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:58:13.85 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Nice timing btw. February 2nd is Couple's Day!

344 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:58:38.22 ID:dkv8++7rO
A perfect story for Couple's Day.

345 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:58:45.95 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
If you still have some time, let's go for a question timewww
How many years have you been together now?

346 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:59:09.69 ID:8LRiFZnK0
You're not feeling well? Wait, is it a shotgun wedding?

347 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:59:20.06 ID:SGSPsx0l0
Time to come out of lurking!
Congratulations, 1!!

348 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:59:22.61 ID:JuYlFARXO

349 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:59:36.74 ID:DMEuIL23O
Thanks, 1!wwwwwwwwwww

I feel like shit nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

350 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 19:59:37.59 ID:N/MChVv0O
Holy shit! Congratulations on your marriage!!

351 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:00:03.53 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
>>1 Congrats on your marriage!
May you two be happy forever!w

352 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:00:18.76 ID:LEzdlGrnO
I don't know why, but I feel so happy right nowwwww
Wish you both happiness!!

353 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:00:24.04 ID:w56uvgNf0
I can see a bunch of VIPPERs lingering around in that park in Akihabara tomorrow.

354 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:01:00.11 ID:E1ZbshCcO
You should turn this into a novel.

355 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:01:36.86 ID:eDVRxafC0
I bet the wedding ceremony will be a real mess.

356 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:02:20.16 ID:HVUn4z/bO
I think I'll head to Akihabara now.

357 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:03:04.81 ID:deja+r8iO
Congrats, 1!!!! Congrats!!!
I wish you the best of happiness in the years to come!!!

358 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:03:11.09 ID:BeDcEal20
We started dating about half a year after we first met, so I guess, we've been seeing each other for, what, 4 years? 3 years? I'm not really sure anymore with the new year and everything.

Since we're in VIP, we might as well do something VIP-like and decide by post numbers what I'll write to CanBadge next or something.
By the way, it's not a shotgun wedding... but whether I'm pregnant... you never know. >>346

359 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:03:22.16 ID:Xu8xqyM50
I'm going to Akihabara first thing in the morning.

360 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:04:33.83 ID:JNijOFMO0

361 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:04:50.65 ID:DMEuIL23O
I think I'll go buy can badges tomorrow.

362 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:05:17.82 ID:RrhQH0qhO
Congrats so much!!!

363 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:05:29.95 ID:BeDcEal20
Oh yeah, I lied when I wrote I don't know CanBadge's agewwwwwww
He's turning 29 today.

364 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:06:08.29 ID:8LRiFZnK0
I see. But even if it's not a shotgun wedding, please do take care of your body.
And try to get along with CanBadge.

365 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:06:13.92 ID:7FHWXsEn0
Does CanBadge even have a job?

366 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:06:22.60 ID:eDVRxafC0
Tell us more about how you and Canbadge spent that Christmas.

367 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:06:46.50 ID:DMEuIL23O
I... I'm not even jelly.

368 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:07:07.02 ID:cSJhI5Uw0
I guess this proves that even those losers that keep spouting stuff like they only love 2D girls and shit
fall in love with 3D girls as soon as they had their dick in a pussy onceww

369 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:07:37.51 ID:y1VK6x5K0
Oh Godwww
He has the same birthday as my momwwww Congratulationswwww

370 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:08:13.23 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Who proposed, you or him?
It's quite endearing to imagine CanBadge proposing to someone.

371 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:08:56.12 ID:AIYGgWugO
Best of happiness to both of you!!!

372 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:09:14.70 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I'm sure CanBadge will be able to make >>1 happy! All the best wishes!
Sorry I went all tsuntsun on you in >>4ww
Though it really did took hours to finishww
Thanks for all the amazing feelswwww

373 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:09:26.32 ID:Dzv1icQZO
Heya. (´・ω・`)

I know this is sudden, but I just put a curse on you. You'll never be able to have SEX in your life.
Yeah, I'd be angry too if I were you.

There's only one way to lift this curse.

↑ Post the following text in this thread.


That's all it takes.

Well, best of luck to you.

374 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:10:41.40 ID:BeDcEal20
Yeah, he has a job. He makes games.

Christmas with CanBadge was a nightmare. Looks like he's drinking with his friends again and they won't let him go. It might take some time until he's back, so I hope it's okay if I write some more.

As it turned out, CanBadge had reserved a table at a pretty neat restaurant and even prepared a present for me after all.
So far, so good. Very good, actually, until he went and lost his wallet. He hadn't worn that suit of his for such a long time that its pockets were riddled with moth holeswwwwww
According to him, he had quite a lot of money with him, so we hurried to the police station, then looked for it everywhere. We also had to cancel his credit card. So CanBadge didn't get to lose his virginity on Christmas Day. It was the last thing on our minds on that day.

375 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:13:26.03 ID:DMEuIL23O
A suit with moth holeswwwww

376 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:13:33.58 ID:w56uvgNf0
You never get a break with CanBadge, do you...
But >>1 seems like a kind person since she can accept him with all his flaws.
CanBadge should count himself lucky that he met such a great woman.

377 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:14:54.50 ID:BeDcEal20
Wow, thanks so much for all the congratulations.
CanBadge and I don't have many relatives since I don't have any parents and CanBadge doesn't have a father. A wedding ceremony is out of the question too. So this might be the first time I got so many congratulatory messageswwwww I'm so happy right now.

Happy birthday to your mom!!!!!

I did.
When I proposed, he just stood there looking flabbergasted. I asked him "Yes or no?" and he answered "Yes." in a squeaky voice. I remember thinking "He's so cutewwwww".

378 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:16:34.98 ID:7FHWXsEn0
In that case, let me congratulate you again and again!

379 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:16:40.09 ID:eDVRxafC0
CanBadge is so moe if you think of him as a girl.

380 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:17:39.20 ID:DMEuIL23O
>>1 is quite moe too, e.g. when she was talking to CanBadge with tears in her eyesww

381 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:18:08.61 ID:BeDcEal20
Looks like I got some more time left. And I don't have anything to do now that my savegame is gone. I haven't replied to CanBadge's e-mail yet, so let's decide by post number what to reply.

382 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:18:34.05 ID:E1ZbshCcO
Guess you never know where you might run into the love of your life.
Thanks for giving me hope, >>1!

383 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:18:53.47 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I come back from the kitchen after making some pork and kimchi and the story is already overwwwwwww
You better become happy with him!!

384 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:18:57.53 ID:HVUn4z/bO
>>1 sure has good judgement in men.
I wish mine was half as good... orz
I'm sure you two have a very happy life ahead of youwww

385 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:19:00.43 ID:Xu8xqyM50
Let's do it! Let's do it!

386 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:19:30.39 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Yeah, seriouslyw Some guy calls out to you on the street and a few years later, you're married to himwww

387 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:20:18.47 ID:BeDcEal20
Okay, let's do this!

CanBadge's e-mail: "Sorry, I just ran into Mr. XXX, can I go for a drink with him? I'm sorry I can't be back on time."

>>395 decides what I'll reply.

388 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:20:58.75 ID:BeDcEal20
Let's go for a closer one. >>390, it is.

389 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:21:00.51 ID:Xu8xqyM50
fast forward

390 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:21:04.68 ID:DMEuIL23O
"I just finished preparing the divorce papers. <3"

391 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:21:06.68 ID:mwTaDEaoO
Okay, I wanna go to Akihabara with my friends too.
But I live in Kansai. orz

392 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:21:25.08 ID:8LRiFZnK0
"I won't forget it after all!"

393 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:21:32.81 ID:M9uC2fyt0
"CanBadge! We love you!!

394 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:22:12.95 ID:BeDcEal20

Nice. It's perfect since CanBadge is the type of guys who can take a joke or two.


395 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:22:26.38 ID:i+TPVvT30
"Get back here right now."

396 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:22:50.90 ID:eDVRxafC0
Won't he directly know it's from VIP?www

397 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:24:12.73 ID:DMEuIL23O
I can't wait to see what he replieswww

398 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:25:34.06 ID:BeDcEal20
He repliedwwwww

"Be home soon but here Nakano one and a half hours sorry"

Looks like it gave him a good scarewwwwww What a mess of a sentence.

399 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:26:26.53 ID:Xu8xqyM50
He freaked outwwwww

400 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:26:31.37 ID:eDVRxafC0
What the hell does "but here Nakano" mean?www

401 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:26:41.12 ID:DMEuIL23O
CanBadge is so cutewwwwww

402 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:27:19.88 ID:DMEuIL23O
Guess he's in Nakanow

403 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:27:43.34 ID:ceZ0tcZPO

404 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:27:46.81 ID:eDVRxafC0
I want a boyfriend like CanBadge.

405 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:27:53.78 ID:BeDcEal20
Here's what he means:
"I'm in Nakano and I'd love to go home right away, but it'll take at least one and a half hours from here.
Please give me a bit more time. I'm very sorry."

Guess making you guys decide what to reply wasn't a good idea after all. He seems to think I'm seriously considering a divorcewwwww

406 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:28:09.41 ID:V51YvAUaO
I was having dinner and missed the ending!

Congratulations, 1!!
I wish you happiness.

407 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:28:50.81 ID:LMdSjLcL0
Posting in an epic thread.
>>1 Congratulations!

408 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:29:00.59 ID:BeDcEal20
I seriously don't have anything to do and the thread isn't even half over yet, so I'll just write some more. Any requests?

409 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:29:03.14 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Holy shitwww She can translate it to normal Japanesewwwww

410 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:29:06.39 ID:DMEuIL23O
Let's hold the wedding ceremony in this thread when CanBadge is backwwwww

411 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:30:20.54 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I'd love to do something to congratulate you, but I don't know what.

412 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:30:59.53 ID:eDVRxafC0
Ah, he meant "but I'm here in Nakano"w
CanBadge didn't introduce that programmer friend of his to you after all, did he? Was it on purpose?

413 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:31:30.99 ID:PwbUddAR0
Yes, the thread is still alive!
And yes, it ended happily!wwwwww Congratulations!wwwwwwww
You managed to get me a little teary-eyed once!
Btw, you better think twice before you let post numbers decide anything on VIPwwwwwwww

414 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:31:48.69 ID:BeDcEal20
You guys have done more than enough already. I'm so happy right now, really, I'm even crying a little. Thank you very much, guys.
What now... I could write about Clannad.

415 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:32:36.36 ID:DMEuIL23O
No otaku stuffwwwww

416 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:32:51.24 ID:AIYGgWugO
I'm more interested in how CanBadge lost his virginity.

417 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:33:22.22 ID:HVUn4z/bO
What's on the birthday menu today?

418 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:34:20.88 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I wish we could hold a small wedding ceremony on VIP and a skype group video call with just us VIPPERs afterwards for congratulations and wisheswww
Wait, does that mean you're playing an eroge and crying at the same time right now?wwwww

419 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:34:21.86 ID:SGSPsx0l0
Fuuko is so cute.

420 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:34:52.09 ID:BeDcEal20
No, it seems like he was really planning on introducing him to me. Actually, I asked him when he fell in love with me. What do you think he said? "After you said you love me"wwww Like "Oh, you love me? Okay, then I love you too!". It's almost as if he could fall in love with anyone that loves him.

421 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:35:22.75 ID:IuIgaYEJO
God, I'm jealous!
I wish I could be there to throw beans at you and wish you happiness!

422 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:36:27.42 ID:dkv8++7rO
"I don't have anything to do. Let's write prank mails to my female friends."

423 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:38:43.43 ID:DMEuIL23O
You said CanBadge can take a joke or two, but he didn't even get that your e-mail was a jokew

Did you explain it to him?w

424 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:39:17.65 ID:BeDcEal20
Well, I basically raped him. What was I supposed to do? We'd been dating for a whole year without him trying anything on me.

No, we'll both have had dinner when he comes back, so we'll probably just have a small celebration with a bottle of liquor. There'll be no cake either since we both don't like sweet stuff.

Whoawwwwwwwwww Dude, why are you such a good guy?wwwwwwww Don't post anymore or you'll make me cry for realwwwwwww

Fuuko is seriously too cute. Her story makes me cry every time. I cried at her part when I played the game and I cried again when I watched the anime. Then in the same night, Fuuko appeared in my dreamwwwwww

425 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:41:07.62 ID:BeDcEal20
Nopewwwwww I'll do it now.

426 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:41:30.92 ID:0PtxRjxhO
I wish I knew a woman like >>1...

Brb going to Akiba.

427 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:42:04.18 ID:eDVRxafC0
You sure he wasn't just trying to hide his embarrassment?
When you saw him after a long time, he asked you if you have a boyfriend.
Then he was worried about you and the Prez going home together.
He even pretended the League of Voluntarily Single Gentlemen didn't exist.
Reading the whole thing again, I'm pretty sure he liked you from the startwww

428 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:42:33.25 ID:hgNLBUhxO
Just caught up with the thread.

>>1 Congratz!!
I can see an aura of happiness radiating from you!

429 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:42:50.74 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Fuuko has arrived!
I'll do my best so that everyone can attend my big sister's wedding...

430 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:43:36.75 ID:SGSPsx0l0
Sunohara was a cool guy.

431 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:45:24.60 ID:gnIeuXjn0
>>1 Congratulations.
Haven't seen a thread as good as this in years.

432 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:45:38.33 ID:BeDcEal20
You might be right. Hmm... even so, it must have been on a subconscious level because he seriously had no clue what love is at first.

433 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:48:19.09 ID:BeDcEal20
Come to your big sister, Fuuko, I'll give you candy... Huff huff...

Sunohara is seriously the best character. I had his "I didn't hate her..." line he says to Fuuko as my alarm clock sound for a while. I wasn't even once able to get up on time though.

434 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:50:33.87 ID:SGSPsx0l0
As your alarm clock sound!?www Why the fuck?wwwwww

435 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:52:27.80 ID:eftWnZVgO
Guess this one goes into Hamster Flash.

436 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:53:03.56 ID:VgGIRYfc0
Congratulations! It was funw

437 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:54:25.21 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
I'm the guy who couldn't wait to read the rest, but had to leave.
Now I'm back and just as I thought, I missed the ending! orz
I wanted to congratulate OP as soon as she finished!
But well, better late than never!
>>1 Congrats!!
May you two become happy together!☆

I don't think I need to add that the ☆ I just gave you isn't a star but a starfish.

438 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:54:33.70 ID:k4LLVlsjO
What a moving story!
Hope you'll become happy with CanBadge!

439 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:56:33.30 ID:BeDcEal20
Wow, so many congratulationswwwwwwww Sorry, I was watching videos on niconico out of boredomwwwwww I'm quite drunk toowwwwww

Sorry, but what is Hamster Flash?

440 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:57:33.32 ID:D6DPgtq1O
Who do you look like, 1?

441 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:57:45.55 ID:KNPJw6X+O
A thousand congrats to you, 1www

After reading your story, I've decided to put my great "Make a move on the girl I like!" plan into action this month!

442 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:59:11.19 ID:yHr7d4g80

443 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:59:15.50 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Why do women play eroge?
Because of the story? Yuri? Or do they want to know what guys are interested in?

444 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 20:59:18.32 ID:BeDcEal20
A lot like a slime from Dragon Quest. Apparently, I have eyes like a slime's (according to CanBadge).

445 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:00:31.11 ID:DMEuIL23O
A slimewwwwwww

446 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:01:35.92 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
You look like a slime?wwwwwww

447 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:02:54.90 ID:BeDcEal20

To shlick to them. Also because of the cute girls. But I'm not interested in 3D girls. 2D girls only. Guess I play them for about the same reasons as you guys.

448 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:04:12.87 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Is that right?wwww
Isn't it awkward to play eroge together with CanBadge?ww

449 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:04:36.16 ID:BeDcEal20
I mean, when someone says they look like a certain celebrity, you can't really trust them in most cases anyway. Even if everyone else told me I look like some celebrity, as long as CanBadge says I look like a slime, then I look like a slime.

450 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:04:45.81 ID:e3Ealu2BO
Finally caught up! First of all, thanks and congrats to you, 1! Sorry for posting this from my cell phonew

451 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:06:05.82 ID:D6DPgtq1O

She could be unexpectedly cute then!

452 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:06:50.93 ID:DMEuIL23O
You sound like you're madly in love with himw I'm so jellywww

Has CanBadge become a bit more fashionable since then?w

453 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:06:57.85 ID:BeDcEal20
It was awkward when we'd just began dating. Or well, it seemed to be awkward for CanBadge and not so much for mewwwww
He later told me that there was a time when he used to think sex was some sort of urban legend or something. So he was trying to avoid situations that could lead to that oh so mysterious thing called sex. Which is basically why it took him more than a year to lose his virginitywwwwww

454 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:09:09.62 ID:BeDcEal20
What do you mean, "unexpectedly"!?wwwwwwww

He did try to give himself a makeover once. But it led to him becoming kinda popular with the ladies, so he quickly went back to his normal otaku clothes. He was saying "Being popular is scary..." or somethingwwwwwww

455 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:10:17.66 ID:/iw7ksyOO
Just caught up to the thread.
Isn't love a wonderful thing...
Congratulations and best of wishes to you, OP.
Say hi to CanBadge for me.

456 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:10:54.67 ID:DMEuIL23O
Does that mean CanBadge is actually pretty handsome or what?wwwww

457 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:12:23.52 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I had to wait a whole year too with my girlfriendwwwwwww
Somehow, 1 and CanBadge don't feel like strangers to me anymorewwww

458 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:12:40.55 ID:BeDcEal20
Thanks to all the people who wrote congratulations. I'm happy. And drunk too.

I can assure you, he's in no way handsome.

459 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:13:44.85 ID:k4LLVlsjO
How many babies are you planning on having with CanBadge?

460 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:14:08.60 ID:DMEuIL23O
Drunk? You mean, drunk in love with CanBadge?w

461 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:14:38.46 ID:BeDcEal20
A whole year?wwwwwwww Didn't your girlfriend get impatient? And how did you initiate it after waiting a whole year?

462 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:16:52.03 ID:BeDcEal20

Two, I think. I want to have them asap.

Are there still people here who've been reading this thread since morning?

463 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:17:39.73 ID:dkv8++7rO
I'm here.
I had to leave once for some time though.

464 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:18:20.14 ID:DMEuIL23O
I wish I could erase my first post...

465 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:18:36.39 ID:M9uC2fyt0
We couldn't do it at my place because it's a traditional house with sliding doors.
We couldn't do it at her place because her mom kept coming up to her room frequently.
We couldn't do it at a love hotel because we were still in high school and were scared of going to one.
So yeah, we had to wait until we moved in togetherwwww It sucks to be only able to make out with her for a yearwwwww

Well, I'm single now though.

466 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:18:36.79 ID:HVUn4z/bO
I'm here too, though I'm usually only lurking.

467 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:19:02.65 ID:BeDcEal20
Seriously?wwwwwwww Thanks. For keeping my company 10 long hourswwwww

468 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:19:41.77 ID:cSJhI5Uw0
I've been here since morning.

469 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:19:45.43 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Been here since I posted >>33.

470 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:21:23.63 ID:S3gjkj9TO
>>1 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm feeling happy now too for some reason.
May you be happy with CanBadge forever!!!!

Am I the only one who wants to hear more episodes from the adventures of >>1 and CanBadge?
They make me grin more like an idiot!

471 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:21:33.11 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
Wanna bet this thread ends up just another victim of all those 2ch copypaste blogs?w
If you're the owner of one of those blogs and you're reading this, make my posts bold pleasew

472 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:22:19.79 ID:SGSPsx0l0
I've been in this thread since morning too!

473 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:23:07.66 ID:BeDcEal20
I was like ??? until I went back and saw your first postwwwwwwwwww
But don't worry, I'm not the type of person to look at the ID of posts much. Though I guess, that doesn't make you feel any better, does it?

That's impressivewwwwww Especially, when you were in high school because that's normally the time of life when hormones take over. You're a real gentleman, >>465.

>>466 >>468 >>469
I'd love to send you guys some Senbei as thanks if you like Senbei.

474 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:23:46.01 ID:/iw7ksyOO
>>1 must be cute.

475 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:24:30.17 ID:pMKcE9Qg0
Thanks for making me grin so muchw
Heck, I'm still grinning like an idiotwww

476 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:24:33.15 ID:cSJhI5Uw0
I've been watching this thread since morning too, but I've been only reading >>1's posts.

477 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:26:50.75 ID:BeDcEal20
There are only a few episodes left though. Which one would you guys like? They're all pretty short.

- CanBadge's first time and (his masochistic awakening)
- Gabrin's gay cruising spot
- The Prez' four-tatami home

Thanks. You get a Mochi. Here: ○

478 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:26:59.40 ID:M9uC2fyt0
So, did CanBadge become more sexually assertive after you "raped" him?www

479 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:27:33.28 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Oh God, I can't decidewwwwwwwwww

480 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:29:23.56 ID:eDVRxafC0
All of them pleasewww

481 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:30:00.61 ID:dkv8++7rO
His first time

482 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:30:08.66 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
They all seem so intriguingwwww

483 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:30:28.07 ID:S3gjkj9TO
The first and third one, but not the second one please!!

484 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:30:41.23 ID:AIYGgWugO
CanBadge's first time!! CanBadge's first time!!!

485 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:31:12.55 ID:DMEuIL23O
The gay cruising spot! The gay cruising spot!

486 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:32:09.28 ID:HVUn4z/bO
The 4-tatami home!! The 4-tatami home!!

487 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:32:55.24 ID:uM5QM7lj0
All of them! All of them!

488 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:32:56.74 ID:Q0O0eV0u0
I can't choose only onewww

489 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:34:28.28 ID:k4LLVlsjO
All of them.

490 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:34:58.15 ID:BgJj1Hzz0

491 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:35:21.98 ID:S3gjkj9TO
>>488 Such a glorious ID you got there.

492 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:35:31.31 ID:BeDcEal20
Well, I don't think I should drag it all out again, so I'll just outline them. Let me start from the bottom up.

About the Prez:

- When CanBadge and I'd been dating for a while, the Prez invited us over to his place.
- He'd kept bragging about his room, so I expected some kind of luxury apartment, but it turned out to be a tiny four-tatami room.
- On entering the room, we were first greeted by a cockroach.
- There was a PC, a TV and... another PC, as if it wasn't cramped enoughwwwwww
- He said "Real otaku don't waste any money on rent.".
- According to him, real otaku spend money on electronic goods.
- But his PCs were both running Windows 2000.
- By the way, I got an e-mail from the Prez a while ago today
- I thought it might be a congratulatory e-mail, but it was a mistaken e-mail.
- What's more, it said "Know any fapworty JAV?".
- When I replied "You sure you meant to send that to me?", I promptly got another e-mail from him saying "Please pretend you never got that mail.".

493 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:36:44.35 ID:DMEuIL23O
Goddammit, Prezwwwwww

494 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:36:49.64 ID:M9uC2fyt0
The Prezwwwwwwwwww
Can't believe he's a Windows ME userwwwww

495 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:37:08.17 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
If I were to appear in >>1's story, I'd be playing the Prez' part without a doubtwwwwwwwwww

496 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:39:57.73 ID:S3gjkj9TO
Oh Godwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Prezwwwwwwwwwwww
Ah, but please don't just outline the one about CanBadge's first time. Write it in full detailwwwwww

497 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:41:01.84 ID:KNPJw6X+O
So the Prez IS interested in 3DPDwww

498 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:42:43.22 ID:BeDcEal20
Gabrin's gay cruising spot:

- Gabrin, CanBadge, a female friend of mine and I were out drinking.
- My friend asked Gabrin what type of person he likes.
- He answered "Hmm... I'm into the short and chubby type."
- He also explained that he likes older people. Someone who's 10 years older than him would be perfect.
- My friend who was interested in Gabrin was like orz (because she's younger than him).
- Gabrin said he was still single though.
- Which was a little strange because he's actually quite handsome.
- While I was wondering about that, CanBadge told me that we shouldn't talk to Gabrin about girls.
- I heard there's an unusually high percentage of gay men in the fashion industry, so I guess Gabrin happened to be just one of them.
- That means, Gabrin is looking for short and chubby GUYS of about 40 years of age.
- Any candidates here? (Guys only)

499 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:44:30.00 ID:S3gjkj9TO

500 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:44:35.35 ID:CAtty5w1O
No, thankswww

501 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:44:34.56 ID:DMEuIL23O
Gabrin is a faggotwwwwwwwwwww

502 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:44:49.82 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Why did Gabrin give you his business card when you first met anyway?

503 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:47:06.58 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Where did he get the nickname Gabrin from?

504 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:47:34.22 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
If I were to appear in >>1's story, I'd be the one to take it in the ass by Gabrin without a doubtwwwwww

505 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:48:58.32 ID:BeDcEal20
That's the first thing I thought too.

Well, here's the last one. The one about CanBadge's first time:

As I already mentioned, CanBadge didn't try anything on me for a whole year since we started dating.
I was living alone, so I kept inviting him over frequently.
When he came to my place the first time, he froze the moment he entered my room and saw my bed. I used to live in a one-room apartment back then and the first thing you see, when you come in, just so happens to be the bed.
It was about two weeks after Christmas, I think. Well, not long after New Year's in any case.

We didn't know what to do at first. Thinking I could get him to loosen up, I suggested playing an eroge together, but he said he wasn't in the moodwwwwww
So we played Metroid instead and watched anime together. I also made dinner for him which he ate.

The thing is, however, before we even got to the point of doing it or not, CanBadge started saying "I gotta go home. I gotta go home".
But when I asked him if he's in a hurry for something, he was like "No, I am not.".
I knew CanBadge wasn't his usual self because he always switches to formal speech when he's disturbed.

506 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:50:19.41 ID:7ibgswjX0
I caught up!!!! Congrats, 1!!!!
Hope you two will become an old lovey-dovey couple.

507 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:50:39.01 ID:DMEuIL23O
Of all the things you could do together, why would you suggest playing an eroge?wwwwww

508 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:50:41.06 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
It's cute how serious CanBadge is, almost to a faultwww

509 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:53:48.63 ID:S3gjkj9TO
Thanks, >>1, for fulfilling my wish and writing it out instead of just outlining it.

Can't wait to read the rest.
Please take your time and don't spare us the details!

510 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:54:53.17 ID:BeDcEal20
It's just my guess, but I think all he wanted was attract a new customer. I heard the clothing store wasn't doing so well at that time and he's the store manager after all.

There's a handsome guy called "Gabriel" in the anime "I'm Gonna Be An Angel!" and his nickname happens to be "Gabrin". The reason they call him Gabrin is because he resembles that character. Or so CanBadge said.
By the way, my nickname was Slutch. Because I look like a slime.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"No, it's nothing. I'm fine."

"Do you want to go home? Then feel free to go home."

"No, I'll stay a bit longer."

Still, something was obviously troubling him because he kept saying "Hmm... But...". But since I couldn't get it out of him, I decided to just ignore it. I was sure he'd go home when he felt like it.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Before we started dating, or rather, before I confessed my feelings to him, he used to tell me stuff like "I fapped to that character yesterdaywwwwwww It was awesomewwwwww" all the time, but not after that.
Until he stopped talking to me about eroge altogether.

511 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:55:56.07 ID:UL7lEtPoO
I was watching Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano when I found this thread and now I can't go back because I wanna know what happens next here!w
A belated congrats to >>1!!

512 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:57:24.67 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
I guess that was the moment you stopped being just another "otaku friend" and became a "woman" in CanBadge's eyes.

513 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 21:59:36.22 ID:eDVRxafC0
CanBadge is like a pure little maiden.
Try to be more sensitive with him, 1wwwww

514 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:01:49.35 ID:DMEuIL23O
Isn't it about time CanBadge came home?w

515 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:02:48.21 ID:JfuzZ3qW0
I want CanBadge to post in this thread when he's backww

516 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:03:12.46 ID:BeDcEal20
I was happy since it made me feel like I'm his girlfriend and not just another otaku friend. So I waited patiently until he'd mentally prepared himself for it.
Plus, him not trying to have sex with me immediately made me feel like I was being treated with respect and care.

Then, a whole year passed.
He didn't try anything on me for a whole fucking year.

We played eroge together lots of times and I could tell he had a hard-onwwwwww I could also tell that he kept peeking over at me. But he didn't try anything.
When I asked him later "How'd you get rid of your hard-on afterwards on days like that?", he said "I thought about red pandas and it went away instantly because I'm not into furries." (In case you don't know red pandas, they're also called lesser panda. They're the ones that can stand upright.)

I wanted to do anything I could to make it happen too. I even asked the Prez for advice since he'd turned into the one person I could ask about CanBadge.

The Prez' conclusion: I wasn't moe enough.

517 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:05:28.77 ID:M9uC2fyt0
The Prezwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

518 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:05:41.67 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
Oh fuckwwww The Prezwwww
What a useless piece of advicewwwwwww But I somehow just can't hate him for itwww

519 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:05:52.05 ID:DMEuIL23O
Red pandaswwwwwww

520 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:07:46.69 ID:/iw7ksyOO
CanBadge = Kaneko Takatoshi
1 = Adachi Yumi
The Prez = Itou Atsushi
Gabrin = Kaname Jun

is how I imagine them to look like.

521 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:08:01.74 ID:BeDcEal20

CanBadge asked me to record an anime for him. I totally forgot about it. orz

Yeah, he's really late. He hasn't written anything since that last e-mail either. Being the kind of guy who can't say no, I guess he's still out drinking with his friends. I don't mind though as long as I get to see him before his birthday is over.

I asked the Prez what he meant when he said I wasn't moe enough. He said, for starters, I ought to get my hairstyle changed.
I had curled hair back then because I love curls in my hair. But the Prez declared that guys don't like curled hair.
According to him, only hostesses are allowed to have curled hair. That's the Prez for ya.

He told me "From today on, you will sport twintails!" and I was like "Who the hell has twintails nowadays!?wwwwwww", but then thought "Wait, it's CanBadge we're talking about here. Twintails might actually work!".
Well, long story short, he didn't react to my twintails at all. I think, all he said was "Your hair looks different today.".

Sorry, guys, I didn't think it'd turn out this long. Bear with me a bit longer.

522 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:09:04.49 ID:eDVRxafC0
Twintails don't look good on 3D womenwww

523 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:12:33.11 ID:gnIeuXjn0
You're quoting the wrong post.

524 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:15:29.56 ID:UL7lEtPoO
Now you made a typo in your quote too. You're such a ditzw

525 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:16:21.71 ID:BeDcEal20
Change it to this:
CanBadge = Kucchi (Genshiken)
Me = Slime (Dragon Quest)
The Prez = Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball)
Gabrin = The homosexual guy from Haruhi (can't remember his namewwwww)

I tried knee highs and cat ears. I even made a thread on 2ch with the title "What kind of girls do otaku like?"wwwwwwww
Following an advice from that thread, I tried cosplay too. Bought an Athena (King of Fighters) costume off eBay for cheap and put it on when he came over to my place. But all I got out of him was "Ohh, they used a pretty high-quality fabric for thatwwwww". orz
I asked him "Is it cute?" and got a "Yeah, it's not bad.". In the end, he told me "But I can't relax if you're not wearing your usual clothes.". orzorzorz

I reported it all to the Prez, but he said "That means, you're still not moe enough.".

"Why don't you try acting like his little sister next?"

"His little sister?"

"CanBadge has a little-sister fetish. Try calling him big brother next, then you'll see."

is what the Prez told me.
Thinking about it now, I probably spent more time with the Prez asking him for advice than I spent with my boyfriend CanBadge back thenwwwwwww

526 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:18:50.49 ID:SnFJwjfw0
>>1 is so damn cute.

527 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:19:36.64 ID:M9uC2fyt0
The Prezwww
Watch what you're sayingwwwwwwwwwwwww

528 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:19:41.23 ID:DMEuIL23O
The Prez' advice is always somehow offwwwwwwwwwww

529 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:21:29.68 ID:BeDcEal20
Ah! I meant to quote >>511 orz Rather than a ditz, I'm a drunkwwwwww

Then, I seriously tried calling him big brotherwwwwwwww When we were having dinner at my place, I said something like "Big bro, say Ahhh."wwwwwww So creepywwwwwww But it's what the Prez told me to do. Besides, I was running out of options and getting quite desperate.
I was worried about how he'd react and, at the same time, disgusted with myself for saying something like thatwwwwww But CanBadge said "Oh well, alrightwwwww" and opened his mouth. He seemed to be enjoying it a little.


That was the moment I made up my mind to stick to the little sister routine.

530 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:22:11.81 ID:S1f1povr0
1 sure made a lot of effortwwww

531 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:22:59.53 ID:UL7lEtPoO
I have to agree with >>526.
And the Prez is doing it on purpose because she's so cute. GJ!!!

532 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:23:01.41 ID:dkv8++7rO
>>1 reminds me of the Peching Girlwww

533 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:25:09.87 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
The little sis act was actually effective?wwww
But man, it must have taken >>1 a lot of couragewwwww

534 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:25:31.29 ID:BeDcEal20
I did. I tried almost everything. I was just that DESPERATE.

I normally wear clothes that are rather plain, but started to wear cuter clothes from that day on.
I also dyed my normally light brown hair black and straightened it.
As for make-up, I wear quite a lot because of my job as a BA, but I made sure to remove my "work" make-up and put on very light one instead when I met CanBadge.
Sounds desperate, doesn't it? Damn right, I was desperate. At this point, we'd been dating for 10 whole months and we still hadn't done anything. I was at my limit.

535 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:27:05.05 ID:7FHWXsEn0

536 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:27:24.18 ID:DMEuIL23O
>>1 is desperate for sexwwww

537 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:28:43.30 ID:S3gjkj9TO
CanBadge is cute as fuck, but...
>>1 is even cuterwwwwwwwwwwww

538 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:29:23.72 ID:D6DPgtq1O
BA? Do you work in the beauty industry?

539 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:30:38.54 ID:BeDcEal20
And so, one day, we met up when we were both finished with work and went to my place to have dinner and play games together.

When we were playing a game, CanBadge said:

"You seem kinda different lately."

I thought to myself, "Ohh!!! He finally noticed!!!!".

Any girl would be happy if their partner noticed any changes in her new look. I was no exception. I was so happy. Though I didn't show it and was like "Huh? Must be your imagination.", I was still on cloud nine.
CanBadge, on the other hand, seemed to be in a rather bad mood. "You and the Prez have been hanging out a lot lately.", he said.

Sorry, CanBadge is calling. Brb.

540 : 442 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:31:02.88 ID:yHr7d4g80
When I posted the link to Hamster Flash, I forgot to write congrats. orz
Though a bit late, congratulations, 1!

541 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:32:39.24 ID:DMEuIL23O
It's CanBadge!

542 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:36:00.52 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
He's either calling to tell her he's on his way home or... something happened.

543 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:36:52.04 ID:mQgAOCQj0
           r"r          ゝ、:;:ヽ
   r‐-、   ,...,, |;;;;|       ,,.-‐-:、 ヾ;:;ゝ
   :i!  i!  |: : i! ヾ| r'"~~` :;: ::;",,-‐‐-  `r'^!
    !  i!.  |  ;| l|  ''"~~   、      i' |
     i! ヽ |  | |    ,.:'"   、ヽ、   !,ノ     Hey, CanBadge, are you reading this?
    ゝ  `-!  :| i!  .:;: '~~ー~~'" ゙ヾ : : ::|        
   r'"~`ヾ、   i! i!   ,,-ェェI二エフフ : : :::ノ~|`T
  ,.ゝ、  r'""`ヽ、i! `:、   ー - '" :: : :/ ,/
  !、  `ヽ、ー、   ヽ‐''"`ヾ、.....,,,,_,,,,.-‐'",..-'"
   | \ i:" )     |   ~`'''ー---―''"~
   ヽ `'"     ノ

544 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:37:02.45 ID:S3gjkj9TO
You will, of course, write what the call was about, right? The suspense is killing me.

545 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:38:44.88 ID:mMJJatsYO
Just caught up. Congrats on your marriage, >>1!

546 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:40:19.67 ID:BeDcEal20
>>535 >>538
BA = Beauty Advisor. I work at a cosmetics counter. Back then, I used to work in the Matsuya department store in Ginza. The only reason I worked there was because it was close to Akihabara thoughwwwww

CanBadge called to say he's about to head home now. That means, he'll be here in an hour or so. Hopefully in time before his birthday is over.

When CanBadge said "You get along awfully well with the Prez.", I thought "He's jealouswwwwwwww", but he seemed very serious about it.

Hearing him say stuff like "The Prez is richer than mewwwww In the end, it's all about the money, isn't it?wwwww", I knew he must have had gone and misunderstood something again. I told him clearly that there wasn't anything between the Prez and me.

547 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:43:06.00 ID:eDVRxafC0
CanBadge's got an inferiority complexwwww

548 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:43:32.91 ID:M9uC2fyt0
Awww, he got jealous, how cutewww

549 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:45:12.51 ID:BeDcEal20
Please hang on a little longer, guys, things should get pretty interesting soon... I hope.
Because I'm planning on telling him about the thread when he's back (he'd find out anywaywwww). Don't know how he'll react.

"You've been acting strange lately."

"Me? Strange? How so?"

"Totally strange. It's like you're turning more and more into the type of girl... the Prez likes."


"I think so."

Let me explain. The twintails, knee highs and even the cat ears all turned out to be things the Prez likes on a woman. The little-sister act toowwwww
I decided to beat the living crap out of the Prez the next time I saw him. Then I told CanBadge the truth because I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings.

"I've been only meeting up with the Prez to ask him for advice."

"If you need advice, ask me."

I need advice about you though, you dummy.

550 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:45:51.05 ID:DMEuIL23O
You really can't trust the Prez, can you?www

551 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:48:26.28 ID:BeDcEal20
But you see, it's a very difficult thing to talk about for a girl. Are there any girls here!? You couldn't say something like that to your boyfriend, could you!?
"I'm worried because you're not trying to have sex with me. ><" is something girls only say in anime.

He asked me what my problem was, but I couldn't tell him. "You told the Prez, but can't tell me, huh? Not like I mind thoughwwwww The Prez is a better listener than me anyway, right?wwwwww", he said.
I knew he was getting the wrong idea, but I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth.

552 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:48:52.35 ID:S3gjkj9TO
Things should get pretty... interesting?
That can only mean one thing!
CanBadge is going to post in this thread!wwwwwwwwwwww

The Prez seems like the type that seems like a nice guy at first, but ALWAYS ends up betraying your expectationswww

553 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:49:16.89 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I'm a guy, but I know how hard it is for girls to say something to that effect.

554 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:50:42.44 ID:DMEuIL23O
And so you just went and raped him, huh?wwww

555 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:51:18.49 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
They say, conflicts strengthen a relationship, don't they?
If you think about it like that, asking the Prez for advice was the right thing to do.

But what the hell is wrong with the Prez?wwwww
Why would he suggestww what he likes?wwwwwwwwwwwww

556 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:52:07.59 ID:5fqQyl9MO
I'm a woman. I should be long asleep, but I'm lying here in my futon reading your thread and giggling at your posts.

"I wanna have sex with you, idiot!"
is something I could never say.
Congratulations on your marriage!

557 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:52:08.06 ID:eDVRxafC0
You're too embarrassed to say you want to have sex with him, but you raped him? ><

558 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:52:31.14 ID:BeDcEal20
Btw, the Prez is not a good listenerwwwww Anyways, I didn't know what to do anymore. We'd been dating for 10, almost 11, months and it was the first time we had something like a fight.

From then on, I was careful not to contact the Prez for a while. I didn't want to make CanBadge worry anymore than he already did.
I completely cut contact with the Prez, but for some reason, I ran into him whenever I went to Akihabara. I ignored him most the of the time though.

And so, November passed without any progress. When we'd been dating for almost a whole year, CanBadge suddenly started to change.
But it wasn't his clothing style that changed this time. Instead, he started acting strange constantly, even stranger than usual. He stopped coming to my place and didn't answer my calls or messages. I wondered if he was cheating on me, but I couldn't imagine CanBadge having something like an affairwwwww

559 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:52:59.43 ID:SGSPsx0l0
I'm a woman too.

560 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:53:04.22 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Yeah, no way a woman could say that.
It's embarrassing enough to hint at it, but could it be that CanBadge is the type of guy who doesn't get it if you don't spell it out for him?

561 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:55:11.66 ID:S1f1povr0
CanBadge is so clumsy it's almost cutewww

562 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:55:33.73 ID:k4LLVlsjO
I broke up with my boyfriend unable to say it until the end.

563 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:57:01.84 ID:S3gjkj9TO
As if he could take a hintwwwwww

564 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:57:41.81 ID:BeDcEal20
Ohh!! So there are women in this thread!!!!

Yeah, right? I couldn't say it even if my life depended on it. Well, you have to spell it out for CanBadge because he's too inexperienced to take a hint. orz

Even when I happened to run into CanBadge in Akihabara, he obviously seemed to be avoiding me. Which was irritating me to no end as I couldn't understand what his problem was. I wondered if he was still suspicious about the Prez and me.
Then came Christmas.
Things were still as awkward as before and I was hoping we could talk things out and return to normal when he came over to my place on Christmas Day as he'd promised.
I'd bought a video game for him as a Christmas gift too. Since we'd been seeing each other for a year already, I wanted us to have a nice Christmas together. Needless to say, I was looking forward to that day a lot.

565 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:57:43.21 ID:mQgAOCQj0
You should have raped him like >>1 did CanBadge!

566 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 22:58:30.95 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I've been gone for a few hours, but I still think CanBadge is a perfect example of a Beta malewww

567 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:00:18.44 ID:DMEuIL23O
CanBadge got so many experience points from OP that he even managed to marry someone.
Thus, >>1 can't be a normal slime. She must be at least a Metal king slime.

568 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:01:16.82 ID:BeDcEal20
On Christmas Day, CanBadge went back to that mode again.

The shut-in CanBadge mode.

He didn't show up at the time he promised to arrive at and he'd even turned off his cell phone. So I decided to go to his place and see what's keeping him even though it's quite a ways from my place. Besides, I knew for sure that he wasn't at work.
I didn't really want to suddenly barge in unannounced because CanBadge was living together with his mother, but seeing how he was most probably stuck all alone worrying about something weird again, I was like "Fuck it, let's pay him a visit!ww".

569 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:01:33.67 ID:eDVRxafC0
This, huh?w

Traits of a Beta male:
The type of guy who doesn't have a girlfriend and goes unnoticed by most women due to his unstable and passive personality even though his looks aren't that bad (sometimes even pretty good).

- Only hangs out with other guys.
- Retreats back into his shell as soon as he loses confidence or his pride is hurt.
- Gives up immediately when things don't go as planned.
- Even if women show interest in him, it never leads to anything.
- It's hard to guess if he's avoiding you because he likes you or dislikes you.
- Lives in constant fear that, if a woman he likes were to find out about his feelings, she'd start avoiding him like a pest.
- He's also very shy and timid.
- Furthermore, he fears that if he were to express his feelings for her, it'd only lead to her not liking him anymore.
- Strongly wishes to find a person who will accept him as he is, but his fear of getting rejected is even stronger.
- Is actually a pretty funny and interesting guy once you get to know him.
- Tends to daydream. You often find him thinking about something and laughing alone.
- Is extremely faithful if he does manage to get a partner.
- Can be sensitive and silly at times.
- Can be very perceptive.
- When feeling uneasy, his eyes dart around and, unable to stay still, he starts fiddling with his clothes.
- Tends to avoid attention.
- Is rather quiet and reserved, a better listener than a talker.
- May look timid, but can be pretty gutsy.
- Chooses his words very carefully when he speaks to strangers.
- Beta males are usually romanticists at heart.

570 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:01:54.49 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
Who told you to say something clever?wwwwwwwwwwww

571 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:04:51.14 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Yeah, that's what I meantw
You've been in this thread all day too, right? It's fun, isn't it?w

572 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:05:03.63 ID:BeDcEal20
I arrived at his place and rang the bell, but no one answered the door. CanBadge's mother not being at home wasn't surprising as she was more often out than in, but CanBadge was a different story.
Thinking "Where did he go off to? He's not cheating on me, is he?", I called his cell phone one more time, but it still seemed turned off.
I waited a while outside, but no one came out and no one went in, so I headed back home feeling disheartened.

But when I got home, I couldn't believe my eyes.
There was some obviously suspicious guy loitering in front of my apartmentwwwwww
He kept wandering around aimlessly in the dark, shouting "Ahhh!" from time to time. I was too scared to go near him until I took a closer look and realized it was CanBadge.

573 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:06:24.09 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Saying beta male makes it sound like you're talking about animals.

574 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:06:34.86 ID:DMEuIL23O
I don't get why he always turns off his cell phonewwwwwww

I'm amazed how you didn't run out of patiencewwwwwwww

575 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:06:47.25 ID:cun0KkSM0
That's me right thereww

576 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:08:38.46 ID:/GZcYZSr0
Hey, how come you know all my traits?wwwww

577 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:08:52.26 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Wait a second, were you two seeing each other for a whole year without even a kiss?

578 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:08:59.26 ID:BeDcEal20
Is that CanBadge? Because I think that's CanBadge.

When I asked him "What the heck are you doing?", he recognized me and went "Whoa!".
Thinking "What's with that reaction!?", I'd smacked him on the head before I knew itwwwww

I said "Well, come in." and he followed me up to my room like some deserted puppywwwwww
Once we were in my room, I asked him why he didn't show up at the appointed time, but he just said sorry and lowered his head.
Asking him "What were you doing? Why were you not at home?" didn't help much either. I gave up and stopped asking any more questions. It was Christmas Day after all.

579 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:08:59.38 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Anyone else reading the "Summer Memories" thread and this one at the same time?wwww
There are so many threads worth reading today I can't keep upwwww

580 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:10:54.85 ID:5fqQyl9MO
I am.

581 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:11:34.73 ID:A2b06iT40
Me too.

582 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:12:24.21 ID:IuIgaYEJO
I'm curious about it too. Did you not kiss or hold hands in that year?

583 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:12:52.27 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Oh, the "Summer Memories" thread is already overwww
I was reading it without refreshing and didn't notice it had already endedww

584 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:13:19.46 ID:k4LLVlsjO
I wanna read the summer memories thread too! Is it in VIP?

585 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:15:26.12 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Here you go. It was pretty interesting, definitely worth checking outwww

586 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:18:09.65 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, we'd already kissed at that point.
Here's how it went:

- I initiated it by telling him I want him to kiss me.
- CanBadge remained silent for a while.
- Then he asked me "Is it okay if I kiss you?".
- I thought to myself, "But I just said I want you to kiss mewwwwww".
- I said "Sure.", but he still seemed reluctant.
- In the end, I got impatient and kissed him.

But that was the first and last time we kissed before we had our first sex.

Then, CanBadge didn't say anything for a while.
He just sat there silently and seemed afraid of somethingwwwwww He even jumped a little when I called out to himwwwww He was acting really strangewwwwww
But since he's always acting strange, I thought I'd just ignore itwwwww I got out the bottle of liquor I'd prepared and asked him if he wanted some.

"It's Christmas Day, CanBadge, let's drink!"
"...Nah, we can do that afterwards."

I thought to myself, "Afterwards? After what?wwwww", but said "Oh, come on." and handed him a glass of Shochu.
But CanBadge didn't drink from the glass at all and just kept sitting there, staring at the wall.

587 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:20:23.68 ID:mQgAOCQj0
My heart can't take the suspense anymore.

588 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:21:15.95 ID:n905XTd90
I managed to catch up before CanBadge comes back.

And I shed a tear or two too.

I'm a bit late to the party, but congratulations!

589 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:21:54.56 ID:BeDcEal20
I, on the other hand, drank like a fishwwww I think I drank the whole bottle alone that daywwww
I couldn't understand what CanBadge was thinking anymore. Plus, I was frustrated and pissed. I got terribly drunk and then asked what I didn't want to ask.

I asked him "Why won't you do it with me?". orz

"Is it because I'm not attractive? Or is it because I'm a 3DPD?". I asked him everything.
To every question, CanBadge kept shaking his head and saying "No, that's not it." in a small voice with a flustered look on his facewwwww

590 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:24:26.96 ID:AysjJ4NJ0
Whew, the thread is still alive.
Congrats on the marriage!

591 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:25:33.47 ID:eDVRxafC0
Ah, come to think of it... Happy Birthday, CanBadge!

592 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:25:35.91 ID:BeDcEal20
After that, we played an eroge together.
I was at my last straw and it finally snapped.
The guy next to me was an otaku that resembles Kucchi from Genshiken. But to me, he was the most handsome guy in the world. At that point, I'd have picked CanBadge over fucking KimuTakuwwww
He was the one I loved the most. I was plastered, but I still remember it well: I was actually getting turned on by CanBadge.

When women have gone too long without sex, they can get turned on by pretty much anything, it's almost scary.
Before I noticed, I'd turned away from the moaning girl on the screen and pushed CanBadge onto the bed.

593 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:26:08.04 ID:/XFgGf/qO

It's because of threads like this that I still can't quit coming to VIPw

594 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:27:08.75 ID:eDVRxafC0
Why would you play an eroge at a time like that?wwwwwwwww

595 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:28:09.54 ID:mQgAOCQj0


596 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:28:52.05 ID:2VrlFSlL0
I'm CanBadge and I can't wait to read the rest.

597 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:28:59.56 ID:BeDcEal20
I was like fuck it and directly pulled his pants down.

CanBadge was saying something like "I haven't taken a shower today!!!", but I ignored it.


is all that went through my head.

We're at the sex part now. Is it okay if I write it in detail? Or do I make it short?

598 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:29:41.81 ID:dAeDfnhP0

599 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:29:43.12 ID:yQuvugHG0
Please don't leave out any detail.

600 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:30:07.01 ID:AysjJ4NJ0
He's so beta it hurts.

601 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:30:47.71 ID:mQgAOCQj0
In detail and make it sexy!

602 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:31:08.92 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
Suddenly, everyone postswwwwwwwwwwwwww
I know you guys were just waiting for this partwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

From me too, please write it in detail.

603 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:33:14.71 ID:IuIgaYEJO
Here it comes...

604 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:33:28.71 ID:1y14k96M0
In detail!!!!!

605 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:33:34.77 ID:k4LLVlsjO
In detail.
Can't wait.

606 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:33:38.22 ID:BeDcEal20

As soon as his panties were down, I put it into my mouth.
Frankly, I thought "Uh, it smells!wwwwwww" at first, but I was so horny I didn't care and started blowing him.
That's when CanBadge started moaning loudlywwwwww Almost like a girlwwww It was funnywwwwwww
I got startled because none of my previous boyfriends was that loud. I let go of his penis and looked at him.

"...don't... not there..."

CanBadge said, out of breath and looking a little scared. The sight turned me on even morewwwwwww

607 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:33:58.68 ID:e5mkHoo7O
This is the part I've been waiting for all day...

Bring it.

608 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:34:54.32 ID:YAtq0nSzO
Please, God, don't make CanBadge come back before she's finished writing the sex part.

609 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:35:15.75 ID:UL7lEtPoO
>>1 is too manlywwwww

610 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:35:17.57 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
Now I get why >>1 felt like forcing herself on him. I would too!!

611 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:36:25.88 ID:mwTaDEaoO
It was all worth the waitwww
But isn't CanBadge going to be back soon?

612 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:36:43.28 ID:S1f1povr0

613 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:37:02.67 ID:o09vCH8TO
Finally caught up!
Can't wait to see how you guys will reactwwww

614 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:38:01.01 ID:BeDcEal20
Btw, sorry, CanBadgewwww You probably didn't think your girlfriend would expose your first time on VIP on your birthdaywwwww

I asked CanBadge "Shall I stop?", but he didn't answerwwwww
I raised my voice and asked him again "Do you want me to stop?". He only made some weird incomprehensible sound that went like "Huah..."wwwww

I think it was what came next that made me discover my sadistic side.

When I asked "Do you really want me to stop?" even louder than before, CanBadge weakly responded with a "No...". That moment gave me goosebumps.

615 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:38:02.38 ID:mQgAOCQj0
This is great for masochistic people like mewwwwwwwwwww

616 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:38:11.52 ID:M9uC2fyt0
The girl is the active one and the guy lies there moaningwwwwwwww

617 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:39:00.46 ID:k4LLVlsjO
CanBadge is so moe.

618 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:40:46.75 ID:UL7lEtPoO
CanBadge: "Please nooo!"
>>1: "Gehehehe. You may say no, but your body says yeswww"

619 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:41:06.05 ID:BeDcEal20
I think that was the blowjob I put the most effort into in my whole lifewwwww While checking CanBadge's reaction, I picked out spots that might be most arousing for him and kept stimulating themwwwww

Yeah, Canbadge should be back any moment now. But don't worry, I'll finish this even if he should come home. I don't like leaving things unfinished.

620 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:42:32.91 ID:M9uC2fyt0
I'll say it again and again. I really wish we could hold a wedding ceremony for you twowwww

621 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:44:41.48 ID:BeDcEal20
Well, it didn't take long until CanBadge climaxedwwwwww After less than 5 minutes or so, he went "Ahhhhh!" and came.
I don't really care how quick or slow a guy is though. But CanBadge kept apologizing even though I told him not to worry about it.

Maybe it's because it was the first blowjob he got, but he seemed quite exhausted already after coming only oncewwww
But I wasn't satisfied. I mean, he still hadn't done anything to me yetwwwww I still had all my clothes onwwww So I pulled on CanBadge's arm, who was about to lie down with a sigh, and asked him to take my clothes off.

622 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:45:03.44 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Let CanBadge post in this thread when he's back plzww

623 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:46:13.04 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Then you're always the active one when you two have sex, >>1?

624 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:46:17.45 ID:YAtq0nSzO
Why is >>1 so manly?wwwww

But CanBadge's cute reactions are enough to turn me on. And I'm a guy.

625 : 1 : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:46:18.73 ID:BeDcEal20
He tried to take off my clothes, alright, but got stuck trying to unhook my bra.
I could have unhooked it for him, but... Sorry, guys, CanBadge just came home. Give me a minute.

626 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:47:01.86 ID:w56uvgNf0
Ain't this a nice birthday surprise!

627 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:47:06.20 ID:SGSPsx0l0

628 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:47:23.52 ID:DMEuIL23O
CanBadge is hereーーーーーーー!

629 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:07.66 ID:deja+r8iO
Oh fuck yeah!

630 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:09.56 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Welcome back, CanBadge.

631 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:15.55 ID:dkv8++7rO
Look, CanBadge,
>>1 is my waifu!!!!1

632 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:48.53 ID:mQgAOCQj0
           r"r          ゝ、:;:ヽ
   r‐-、   ,...,, |;;;;|       ,,.-‐-:、 ヾ;:;ゝ
   :i!  i!  |: : i! ヾ| r'"~~` :;: ::;",,-‐‐-  `r'^!
    !  i!.  |  ;| l|  ''"~~   、      i' |
     i! ヽ |  | |    ,.:'"   、ヽ、   !,ノ     Hey, CanBadge, are you reading this?
    ゝ  `-!  :| i!  .:;: '~~ー~~'" ゙ヾ : : ::|        
   r'"~`ヾ、   i! i!   ,,-ェェI二エフフ : : :::ノ~|`T
  ,.ゝ、  r'""`ヽ、i! `:、   ー - '" :: : :/ ,/
  !、  `ヽ、ー、   ヽ‐''"`ヾ、.....,,,,_,,,,.-‐'",..-'"
   | \ i:" )     |   ~`'''ー---―''"~
   ヽ `'"     ノ

633 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:54.22 ID:DMEuIL23O
CanBadge, happy birthday and congrats on your marriagewwwwwwww

634 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:48:55.55 ID:n905XTd90
Can't wait to see CanBadge's reaction to this threadwwwwwwwww

635 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:49:26.61 ID:AIYGgWugO
Welcome back, CanBadge!!!!
I just wanted to tell you that I think you're very moewww

636 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:49:40.54 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, guys, you'll have to wait until 12am, it won't take any longer. I also got myself a tripcode.

637 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:49:57.12 ID:S1f1povr0
Welcome back, CanBaby!!!!

638 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:50:02.18 ID:N/MChVv0O
Welcome back, CanBadge! Happy Birthday!

639 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:50:39.67 ID:DMEuIL23O
Come on, CanBadge may be quick, but even CanBadge lasts longer than 10 minutes, doesn't he?wwwwwwwwww

640 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:50:51.51 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Only 10 minutes left until his birthday is over!! Make sure to congratulate him for us too!

641 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:51:04.87 ID:Dtqy99Hr0
Take your time!!
Welcome back, CanBadge and happy bday!!

642 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:51:05.54 ID:M9uC2fyt0
He's back━━━ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ━ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ━━━!!!!
            へ  )    (  へ
              >     <

Congratulations on the marriage, CanBadge!!

643 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:51:26.11 ID:YAtq0nSzO
Oh shit, I'd completely forgotten it's his birthday today. Only 10 minutes left for you two to celebratewwwww

Congratulations for everything!

644 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:51:30.63 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Didn't think so many people were reading this thread.

645 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:51:43.80 ID:VcgUfUs5O
If you read this post, you're doomed to have a traffic accident.
There's only one way to avoid it.
↓Go to this thread and post the following.

"Der Richter is the strongest boss."

646 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:52:52.00 ID:BeDcEal20

This thread ends here.

Thank you very much.

647 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:54:11.88 ID:ryfr/ATmO
I've finally caught up!
Congrats, 1!!

648 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:54:14.31 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, guys, don't mind >>646. I'll make sure to write it to the end. Just give me a little longer.

649 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:03.69 ID:dAeDfnhP0
Hey, CanBadge.

650 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:06.52 ID:yQuvugHG0
Are you CanBadge?wwwwwwww

651 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:06.78 ID:DMEuIL23O
>>646 must be CanBadgewwwwwww

652 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:07.97 ID:k4LLVlsjO
She's not finished with her story yet!

653 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:23.06 ID:eDVRxafC0
Is >>646 CanBadge?

654 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:29.54 ID:o09vCH8TO
The post below is by CanBadge.

655 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:38.42 ID:n905XTd90
It has to be CanBadgewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

656 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:52.85 ID:AysjJ4NJ0
I can't wait for the continuation, but take your timewww

657 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:55:59.88 ID:k4LLVlsjO
Yeah, I bet it's CanBadge.

658 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:56:13.71 ID:DMEuIL23O
So much love for CanBadgewwwwwww

659 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:56:33.01 ID:l0o9OIBX0

660 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:57:31.44 ID:M9uC2fyt0

661 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:57:54.85 ID:k4LLVlsjO
I wish I hadn't read this thread.
It's embarrassing to be sitting here alone with a wide smile on my face.

662 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:58:03.45 ID:mQgAOCQj0
Poor CanBadgewwwwww

663 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:58:28.21 ID:BeDcEal20
Sorry, VIPPERs, it'll take just a little longer. Could you guys post "Happy birthday, CanBadgewwwwww" for him? Because he's kinda sulking right now. Please.

664 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:58:53.87 ID:yQuvugHG0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

665 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:08.38 ID:cun0KkSM0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!

666 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:13.90 ID:e5mkHoo7O
Happy birthday, CanBadge!

667 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:20.39 ID:JNijOFMO0
Happy Birthday, CanBadge!!!! You better treasure your wife!!!!

668 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:21.16 ID:Xk9Eym8u0
Happy bday, CanBadgewwwww

669 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:31.21 ID:DMEuIL23O
Why are you sulking on your birthday, CanBadge? Be happy!wwwww
Only one minute left thoughwwww

670 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:38.72 ID:n905XTd90

671 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:42.52 ID:AysjJ4NJ0
Happy Birthday!

Please forgive 1 for making this thread.

672 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:50.35 ID:m5DeOVPrO
Happy birthday!!!!!

You damn masochist!!!!!!!!

673 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:52.30 ID:h98dVRV5O
Finally caught up!
Congrats, >>1!!

I seriously can't stop smiling anymore.

674 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:54.23 ID:uM5QM7lj0
Happy birthday, CanBadge! Congratulations on your marriage too!!

675 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:54.87 ID:yQuvugHG0
        |l~/ < Happy bday, CanBadge!

676 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:55.95 ID:/iw7ksyOO
Happy 29th birthday, CanBadge!!
You're a fucking star on VIPwwww

677 : VIPPER : 2008/02/02(Sat) 23:59:56.80 ID:dAeDfnhP0
Happy birthday, CanBadge.

678 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:27.37 ID:DSwD9ddKO
Happy Birthday, CanBadge!!

679 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:31.58 ID:dST6xi950
Happy birthday, CanBadge☆

680 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:31.86 ID:jD8103hN0
         __ィ_'"  ̄ ̄ `丶、
      ,. ‐ "-‐: . : . : . : . : . : .、: . : .ヽ
     //: . : . : . : . : . : . :ト、: . |: . : .: .ヽ
    / , ' /: . : . : . : |: . : . : |__! \|: . |: . : .',
   /: . : /: . : . : .l: . :.|: . :|':´ト;.| `ヽ|: .:|- 、:..|
  /:/: ./:.. : . : .:,r|''': .|l: . |: .lr、r‐_.、!; .ト、ヽ、`>
  /イ: . l: | . : . :.' .ト,..L,|ヽ|`ノ ゙ {ビリj` ::|ヽ_\〉\
  ! |: .|: |: . : . _,、l{ f托` .   ゙ニ´ !:..|/フ∠ニ=二,フ、
   l: ハ.|_,、 '´ |ハ:´ ゞ'゙      ::::::::|: .|_,、 -‐ア´    \
   ヾ `   /|: .',:::::  ´      |: .|: . : . :ヽ_f⌒ヽ  \    Happy Birthday!!
       _ム:|: .:ト、    "'    /: ..|: .ヽ: . :.|      ̄ ̄
        / __|: .|:|:.>..、    / |: .:|: . :ヽ: . \
        '´   |: .||: . l: . |:`¬´  ,.|: .:ト、_;、-─ 、
          |: .|: . l: ._|,:/ 〉 /ィ: . 〉//    ヽ
          |: .L、- 7‐-、   // |: .//,. -‐ ´    i
        、-‐|: .|  ||‐-、 `// /;ン'´    /   |
       / ヽ l|: .:|  ||   /'´ /'      /     |
        /    |: . | ||  / /i: ヽ  , ´       |
      /   |`|l: . | |' ´ ̄ \|: . :〕_/_    __  }
   /   / `丶;ト _|      〉: ./  ̄ `ヽく´_    ,..イ
   ゙、   |    r‐| |!    / |: .|    ノハ⌒`!'´:. :.:|
    \  ヽ    人|    | ト:/        /: . : . : |

681 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:44.17 ID:NxARtrbh0
Happy birthday, CanBadgewwww

682 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:49.33 ID:YUbVoblZ0
Happy bday, CanBadge!!!!wwww

683 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:55.36 ID:tAu60qYOO
I'm so jelly, CanBadge!
I miss you, I miss you! I’ll always, always love you!

684 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:59.28 ID:L4O7jZ8M0
I'm glad I found this great thread.

685 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:00:59.21 ID:/aK33KtwO
CanBadgewwwww I can't believe you're a married manwwwwwww

686 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:05.92 ID:rsXbRwE0O
Happy birthday! We all love you, CanBadge!

687 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:13.42 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Thanks, my waifu.

688 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:26.89 ID:wevrmnshO
>>1 I'll be waiting for the end of your story! Happy 29th birthday, CanBadge!

689 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:33.09 ID:oms6O9zVO
Happy Birthday, CanBadgeーーー!!!!!

690 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:44.76 ID:jGKF5v4z0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!!

691 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:46.50 ID:reQRfcp3O
If this ends up on one of those summary blogs, CanBadge's first time will be publicly exposed forever for everyone to read, huh......

692 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:53.20 ID:9gn2A3Uq0
I'm late, but happy birthday, CanBadge!
You got yourself a great wifewwwwww

693 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:01:59.58 ID:6W9CNS/c0
>>680 did a great fucking jobwwww

Happy Birthday, CanBadge! It's already over, but who the fuck cares!wwww

694 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:02:12.61 ID:/aK33KtwO
CanBadgewww ComeBackwwwwwww

695 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:02:30.93 ID:vQQEpDAI0
What a great wife you got, CanBadge!
I'm so jealous!

696 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:02:31.93 ID:NCV/BYHE0
It's already the 3rd now, but still happy birthday, CanBadge.
Thanks for the wonderful story.

697 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:03.20 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!!                            Goodbye, world.

698 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:18.78 ID:rvcD3dcyO
Where did you all suddenly spawn from!?www Congratulations to both CanBadge and 1www

699 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:35.31 ID:DI/0WoAS0
           r"r          ゝ、:;:ヽ
   r‐-、   ,...,, |;;;;|       ,,.-‐-:、 ヾ;:;ゝ
   :i!  i!  |: : i! ヾ| r'"~~` :;: ::;",,-‐‐-  `r'^!
    !  i!.  |  ;| l|  ''"~~   、      i' |
     i! ヽ |  | |    ,.:'"   、ヽ、   !,ノ      Happy Birthday, CanBadge!!
    ゝ  `-!  :| i!  .:;: '~~ー~~'" ゙ヾ : : ::|         There aren't many women like >>1 in this worldww You have no idea how jealous I amwwwwwww
   r'"~`ヾ、   i! i!   ,,-ェェI二エフフ : : :::ノ~|`T
  ,.ゝ、  r'""`ヽ、i! `:、   ー - '" :: : :/ ,/
  !、  `ヽ、ー、   ヽ‐''"`ヾ、.....,,,,_,,,,.-‐'",..-'"
   | \ i:" )     |   ~`'''ー---―''"~
   ヽ `'"     ノ

700 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:40.39 ID:reQRfcp3O
CanBadge, are you reading the thread?
Happy Birthday!!!!!!

701 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:40.79 ID:/aK33KtwO
Speak of the devilwwwwwww CanBadgewwwwwwwwwwww

702 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:03:41.45 ID:jXY2RY1DO
"If this thread gets 1000 replies in 30 minutes, I'll go buy 100 packs of Haagen-Dazs"

We need help over here, guys.

703 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:04:00.86 ID:IU3exAI8O
Happy Birthday, CanBadge―――――!!!!!!

You better treat >>1 well!!

704 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:04:20.59 ID:o1xrwRT10
Happy birthday, CanBadge!

705 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:04:54.96 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!!
Everyone here loves youwwwwwwwwwww

706 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:05:45.36 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Thanks, everyone!!!!!
>>687 will probably be CanBadge's last post in this thread. Besides, I'm your waifu, you idiot!wwwwwww
I'll write the rest now while he's taking a bath.

707 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:06:16.52 ID:p8EWtCmfO
Happy birthday, CanBadge!!!
Also, thanks, >>1, for the heartwarming story!!!!!!

708 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:06:46.52 ID:tAu60qYOO
I love you so much, CanBadge, I'd want to marry you if you weren't already married to >>1.

709 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:07:35.01 ID:/aK33KtwO
So, where were we again?wwww

710 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:07:50.86 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Ohhh, when did you guys post so many congratulation posts...!!! I'm so happy right now...! I'll make CanBadge thank you guys personally when he's done with his bath. This is so great.

711 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:07:54.43 ID:pe1EQUU2O
Look at all these congratulatory posts! They're all people who came to love CanBadge in just one day!

So you'll invite us to the wedding ceremony, right!? We're friends now, aren't we!?

712 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:08:19.04 ID:DI/0WoAS0
Jealous much at >>680?wwwwwwww

713 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:09:10.64 ID:jGKF5v4z0
This thread warms my cold, cold heart...

714 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:09:54.37 ID:/aK33KtwO
Heh, I wonder when I'll get to take a bath today...www

715 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:10:15.28 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Yeah, I had to check back too because I'd forgotten where I'd stoppedwwwww

I found the sight of CanBadge having trouble unhooking my bra kinda cutewwwww So I decided not to offer him my help.
Btw, even now, when we're doing it, CanBadge always switches to polite speech for some reasonwwwww While struggling with my bra, he said stuff like "I apologize for taking so long." and "Please wait a little longer.". I guess he was just that nervouswwwww

716 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:10:23.39 ID:DI/0WoAS0
Alright! Let's take a deep breath and go back to the sex part as if nothing happened!www

717 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:10:24.03 ID:IU3exAI8O
I'll go to the wedding ceremony too!!

718 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:10:27.62 ID:pe1EQUU2O
I think I saw someone citing Ootsuka Ai in one of the congratulation postswww

719 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:11:12.69 ID:6W9CNS/c0
Huh, are you me......?

720 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:11:42.22 ID:/aK33KtwO
This thread gave me the biggest grin todayw

721 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:11:58.29 ID:gj3eIqE/0
"If this thread gets 1000 replies in 30 minutes, I'll go buy 100 packs of Haagen-Dazs"

We need help over here, guys.

722 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:13:38.69 ID:tAu60qYOO
That's because I'm listening to Ootsuka Ai right now.
Two stars are shining

723 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:14:07.35 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Then he finally managed to get the hooks open. My breasts aren't very big. orz But it was cute how CanBadge whispered "The real thing..." when he saw themwwwww

724 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:15:05.81 ID:/aK33KtwO
THEww REALwwww THINGwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

725 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:15:10.74 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
The real thingwwwwwwwww

726 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:15:32.54 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Sounds like something a 2D otaku would saywwwwww

727 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:16:10.44 ID:oms6O9zVO
The real dealwwwww

728 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:16:50.75 ID:wevrmnshO
I'm glad I opened this thread, I feel like it's cleansed my heart of all the negativity. May you two be happy forever after!

729 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:16:53.05 ID:ay3Wzdly0
When I said "Touch them.", he asked "Is it okay if I touch them?"wwwww I thought to myself "I just told you to touch them!wwwww", but it was kinda like CanBadge to ask redundant questions.

To be honest, it hurt when he touched them.
He was like clutching and rubbing them with all his strength.
I yelled "Oww, it hurts! Be more gentle, idiot!" and he started apologizing again.

730 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:18:23.12 ID:/vNQRnFQ0

731 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:18:56.28 ID:DI/0WoAS0
When CanBadge is finished taking a bath, please let him post how it felt like when he clutched and rubbed your breasts the first time! Please!

732 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:19:40.06 ID:6W9CNS/c0
"Be more gentle, idiot!"www
Why does it make me grin so much?wwwww

733 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:20:01.03 ID:tAu60qYOO
Amid the rain, and the scents of summer
Goldfish fireworks come plopping down
I can't find any words to describe it
And for a moment I see your sweet face

734 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:20:36.36 ID:ay3Wzdly0
When I said "Lick them." and pointed at my nipples, he did, but only once and only for a second toowwwwww I thought "He could try sucking on them or something. Do I have to tell him everything?wwwww", but that's when he started sucking on one veeery carefully.

I took a peek at CanBadge's penis and was so glad to see it erect that I grabbed it with my hand. It made CanBadge go "Ahhhn" with a look of bittersweet agony on his face. To me, the sight was more moe to me than Asahina Mikuru could ever hope to be.

735 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:20:57.66 ID:DSwD9ddKO
So, when will this get turned into a movie?

736 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:21:03.99 ID:KCCuxtGp0
MYwww SIDESwww

737 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:21:42.50 ID:jzfJ4NsQO
That's like CanBadge, alrightwww

738 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:21:47.98 ID:/aK33KtwO

739 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:22:16.91 ID:SBm45RZ4O
Just got here, summary in 3 lines please.

740 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:22:23.85 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Why is he so much like a girl?wwwww

741 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:22:51.16 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Meeting → Marriage

742 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:23:36.00 ID:tAu60qYOO
I looove you, love me more, more
I looove you, if I could become one with you
Then I'd be the happiest person in the world

743 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:23:55.78 ID:SBm45RZ4O
Sounds like a great threadwwwwwww

744 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:24:36.05 ID:9Qxo2xGR0

745 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:25:05.94 ID:wevrmnshO
CanBadge, Can you do her from the Back?

746 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:25:37.10 ID:DI/0WoAS0
If CanBadge had started a thread in the single men board four years ago when he first met 1, he might have been the one to become Train Man...www

747 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:25:45.59 ID:pe1EQUU2O
Whoever it is that's posting the Ootsuka Ai lyrics, stop itwww

748 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:26:11.06 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Having realized that I couldn't really expect much from CanBadge, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
So I started stroking his penis with one hand and touching myself with the otherwwwwwww I seriously didn't have a choice but to touch myselfwwwww Because when I made CanBadge touch me down there, he yelled "IT'S WET!!!!!" and started freaking outwwww

"Wanna put it in?"


"CanBadge, you're a virgin, right?"


"Okay, then give me your virginity."

"'s yours."

"So... What now? Do you wanna put it in or not?"


"Say you wanna put it in."


I couldn't help it, I was having too much fun teasing cute nervous CanBadgewwwwww

749 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:01.85 ID:NCV/BYHE0
What is this, BDSM?w
Are you a domina, or what?w

750 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:13.22 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0

>>All my congratulations to 1 and CanBadge!!

751 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:19.84 ID:DI/0WoAS0
I see, you're a natural-born domina.

752 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:48.01 ID:WE8NcXF60
She asked him to give his virginity to herwwwwww

753 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:49.74 ID:6W9CNS/c0
Why is >>1 so cool?www I think I'm in lovewwwww

754 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:27:51.12 ID:/aK33KtwO
She's a dominawwwwwww

755 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:28:13.12 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Just when I thought CanBadge is taking awfully long in the bathroom, I noticed he took his cell phone with him. Looks like he's reading this thread from the beginning in the bathtubwwwww

It was only after I said "Say you wanna put it in." that I realized something very important.


756 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:28:13.38 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
>>Say you wanna put it in.
I can fap to thiswwwwwww

757 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:28:25.34 ID:vQQEpDAI0
I bet it feels good to be (mis)treated like that.

758 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:28:27.37 ID:wmlONnpg0
Oh you!wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

759 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:28:36.98 ID:cf3alpHpO
Thread's still alive!!!
Happy birthday, CanBadge!
It's already over, but who cares!
Okay, back to lurking with a grin on my face, I guess.

760 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:29:00.47 ID:/aK33KtwO
Guess you'll have to do it raw thenwwww

761 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:29:26.74 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
CanBadge, you sneaky little bastardwwwwwwwwwww
Read the thread together with her!wwwwwwwwwwwwwww

762 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:29:51.44 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
My vote goes to "CanBadge freaks out while reading the thread and drops his cell phone in the bathtub"wwwwww

763 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:30:07.05 ID:tAu60qYOO
Wait, don't tell me he gave you a raw creampie on his first time.

764 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:30:42.49 ID:WDb2MpEyO
Yaaay, I caught up!
This is one grin-inducing thread.

765 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:32:08.90 ID:ay3Wzdly0
I figured it's a bad idea to have unprotected sex from the beginning. What's more, it was CanBadge's long-awaited first time. I didn't want to mess it up.

I wondered if I should make him go buy condomswwwww as a form of erotic humiliation and sexual foreplaywwwwwPfffwwwww But considering CanBadge's personality, he'd probably have been too embarrassed to buy them and would have never returned.
So I decided to forget all about shame and embarrassment and go buy them myself.

"Wait here, CanBadge, I'll be back in a moment."


"...I don't have any condoms here."


766 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:02.97 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
I bet the Prez gave him one just in casewwww

767 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:09.85 ID:jD8103hN0
Did you get the condoms that are packaged to look like traditional good-luck charms?

768 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:10.12 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
This is the part where CanBadge throws you onto the bed, right?

769 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:15.80 ID:iQgETGuwO
1 is manly as fuckwww

770 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:16.84 ID:tAu60qYOO

771 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:37.05 ID:/aK33KtwO
>>1 is so desperatewwwww

772 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:33:54.07 ID:KCCuxtGp0
>>1's manliness is off the chartswwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

773 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:34:47.62 ID:tAu60qYOO
So manly.

774 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:35:38.62 ID:Mb7oPW5I0

775 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:36:03.50 ID:L4O7jZ8M0
What happened to the eroge you were playing? Was it running in the back the whole time?ww

776 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:36:16.22 ID:jzfJ4NsQO
Did you let CanBack just stick it in the other hole?

777 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:36:19.31 ID:ay3Wzdly0
I said "I'll go buy some." and stood up, but CanBadge grabbed my arm.
I asked "What?", but he just kept looking around nervously.

"I can't go buy condoms if you don't let me go, you know?"


"Don't worry, I won't take long."

"No, that's not it..."

"What is it then?"

"'s just..."

It's one of CanBadge's traits that he can't articulate himself well when he's nervous.
Thinking "He's not going to suggest doing it without condoms on his first time, is he?", I told him just to be sure.

"We can't do it without condoms."

"I know. Wasn't my intention."

"Then what is your intention?"

"Ah? Ah, well..."

CanBadge is always pretty inarticulate, but this was unusual, even for himwwwww I admit I was getting irritatedwwwwwww

778 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:36:27.32 ID:fAbDeLX80
Congrats to you and CanBadge!
I think I didn't even once stop smiling for the last hour or sowww

779 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:37:18.95 ID:/aK33KtwO
No, admit it was turning you onwwwwww

780 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:37:40.17 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
Why is CanBadgewwwwwww so cute?wwwwwwwww And why is >>1 so cool?wwwwwwwwwww

781 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:38:14.05 ID:DI/0WoAS0
CanBadge had brought some with him, huh?wwwwwwwww Condoms, that iswwwww

782 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:39:18.16 ID:ay3Wzdly0
"What is your problem!?"

I'd shouted at him. I must've been getting quite irritated. CanBadge jumped with a "Woaahh!!"wwwwww
I guess he noticed how irritated I was because he suddenly grabbed his bag in a hurry and started looking for something in it.

"Here you go..."

said CanBadge in a small voice and held out a convenience store bag with a brand new pack of condoms inside.

783 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:39:35.65 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
What if all this was a carefully planned out act by CanBadge?www

784 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:39:44.20 ID:rvcD3dcyO
When you compare CanBadge to how he used to act at the beginning of the story, it's like he's gotten even worse at dealing with womenwww

785 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:01.81 ID:WE8NcXF60
CanBadge, you're the best. (Best as in cute.)

786 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:02.97 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Now imagine CanBadge sitting in the bathtub and reading the thread as fast as he can. So moewwww

787 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:03.44 ID:Lp3i1owb0
Too moe! My heart can't take it anymore!!!!!!

788 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:06.54 ID:NCV/BYHE0
You've really hung in there, CanBadgewwwww

789 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:14.53 ID:/aK33KtwO
He'd actuallyww gone and boughtwwwww condomswwwwwwwwwwwwww

790 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:17.26 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Here we gowwwwwwwwwwwwww

791 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:39.11 ID:tAu60qYOO
That means CanBadge was planning on doing it with her on that day too.

792 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:46.13 ID:ewiVGtgLO
I want a boyfriend like CanBadgewwww
I'm a guy thoughwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

793 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:48.16 ID:wmlONnpg0
I didn't think I'd find CanBadge to be moe.

794 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:40:52.92 ID:gNRnKEA/0
I wonder how it must feel for CanBadge to read this thread.
In the bathtubwwwwwwwwwww

795 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:41:22.19 ID:DSwD9ddKO
"Here you go"wwwwwww

796 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:41:46.60 ID:/aK33KtwO
It's a long thread. He'd probably get dizzy and faint firstwww

797 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:42:16.98 ID:jD8103hN0
To think that it's the same guy who tried to chat up 1 when they first metwww

798 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:42:29.24 ID:rvcD3dcyO
I say he either panicked and dropped his cell phone in the bathtub or freaked out and drowned.

799 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:42:35.10 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Thinking to myself "Wtf, he actually bought condomswwwwww", I asked him when he got them.
He answered he'd bought them earlier that day.

Well, in short, CanBadge had gone to the Prez to talk to him a few weeks earlier because he thought there was something between the Prez and me.
The Prez, being the Prez, had told him everything I'd told himwwwwwww Like "Your girlfriend keeps coming to me for advice because she can't get you to have sex with her!"wwwww Fucking Prez should just diewwwwwwww
And as it turns out, he wasn't avoiding me the last few weeks because he was jealous of the Prez and me. Instead, he was feeling helpless and scared shitless, confronted with the impending doom that having sex with me is.

800 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:43:11.44 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Then I was right when I wrote the Prez gave him one just in case!wwwwwww

801 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:43:44.28 ID:+N4i8Kw+0
Why is the Prez such an annoying character?wwwww (Annoying in a good way, of course.)

802 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:43:49.25 ID:DI/0WoAS0
The Prezwwwwwwwww Does this man not have an ounce of delicacy in him?wwwwwwwwwwww

803 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:43:55.63 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Why does CanBadge have so many moe traits and attributes?wwwwwwwwwww

804 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:16.19 ID:/aK33KtwO
The Prezwww
Good Job!
  ( ´∀`)  п
  п`)  ⌒\/(∃
 Е)//\  \_/
  \/  \   丶
     / y  ノ
    / / /
   (  ( 〈
    \ \ \

805 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:18.75 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
The Prez should be put in his placewwwwww

806 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:20.76 ID:WDb2MpEyO
CanBadge is too cute. ><

807 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:33.67 ID:WE8NcXF60
That's because this is 1's story and she finds him moe as fuck.

808 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:40.46 ID:L4O7jZ8M0
I'm worried CanBadge might have collapsed trying to read the whole thread in the bathwww

809 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:44.25 ID:6V4rrD6TO
Yesss! I can finally take part in the thread in real-time―――――――――――!!!!!!
I don't have much experience in love things either. The only guy I've dated so far was 13 years older than me and he turned out to be too much of a wuss for me.
You see, I'm as masochistic as you can get.

But I think I've fallen in love with >>1's sadistic sidewwwwww Please rape me nextwwwwww

I'm straight, but I wouldn't mind giving my all to >>1wwwwww

Even from a woman's point of view, you're seriously so coolwwwwww It's amazing how you always act so manly and seem to have everything under control despite all your worries and insecurities, >>1wwwwww Please marry me insteadwwwwww

810 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:45.86 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
THEwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww PREZwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

811 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:44:51.67 ID:wmlONnpg0
The Prez might be annoying, but where would you be without him...

812 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:45:11.86 ID:6W9CNS/c0
It's thanks to >>1's writing skills that he seems so moe.

813 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:45:14.86 ID:R8AYYyYz0

814 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:45:58.62 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
What if the Prez is reading this thread too right now?wwww

815 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:46:12.11 ID:OYXaBzhRO
CanBadge thinking of sex and panicking is so moewwwwwwwwwwww
Hope you catch up with the thread soon, CanBadgewwwwww

816 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:46:32.45 ID:6W9CNS/c0
Quite possiblewwwwww

817 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:46:34.15 ID:ay3Wzdly0
With the Prez urging him on to do something about the problem, CanBadge decided to take care of it before the one-year anniversary of our dating.
That's also when he decided to go buy condoms.

It took him two whole weeks to actually buy them thoughwwwww
I couldn't contact him for weeks and he didn't come to my place at the promised time because he was in a convenience store walking around restlessly in front of the register, unable to bring himself to buy the damn condoms.
I asked him why he had to turn off his cell phone too. He answered "You don't just go into a store and buy condoms. You have to be 100% focussed." Apparently, he turned it off because incoming calls or messages would have broken his concentration.

818 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:14.52 ID:6V4rrD6TO
>>813 Sorry... I got carried away... Won't happen again.

819 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:26.07 ID:/lvtZilc0
Just got here, summary in 3 lines please.

820 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:34.13 ID:QCBkuuLj0
Another sleepless night and it's all because of this thread.

821 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:47.91 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
100% focussedwww

822 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:51.26 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
That wimpy side of him is what stimulates >>1's sadistic side, maternal instincts and moe points, huh?wwww

823 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:47:57.14 ID:tAu60qYOO
Please rape me toowwww I feel like I could give my all to >>1 toowww

824 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:48:01.67 ID:rSbUyYuE0





825 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:48:34.32 ID:Lp3i1owb0
"100% focussed"wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

826 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:48:48.68 ID:DI/0WoAS0
Awww, where can I too find myself a sadistic girl like >>1?

827 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:49:17.50 ID:ay3Wzdly0
With a whole pack of condoms in my hands and overjoyed at the fact that CanBadge had bought them for me, I threw him onto the bed again.
I bet I was breathing heavily like some pervert as I ripped the pack open and put a condom on CanBadge's peniswwwwwwwww

828 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:49:45.81 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
I was planning on going to work tomorrow (even though it's a Sunday), but I can't go to bed when this thread is still going onwwwwwwww

829 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:49:48.54 ID:9sppuPyX0

Don't pay attention to that guy.
It's only human to lose your composure and get carried away.

But well, let's skip the boring talk. Let me have sex with youwwww

830 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:50:21.78 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
A real pervertwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

831 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:50:31.11 ID:6V4rrD6TO
I wanna get raped by a sadistic person while getting verbally insulted too.

832 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:50:57.24 ID:6W9CNS/c0
WTFwwwww I do understand how you must have feltwwwww
But if you put it like that, it sounds like you're totally pervertedwwwwwwwwwwwwww

833 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:51:09.89 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
The moment >>1 turned into a pervertwwwwwwwwww

834 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:51:16.12 ID:rSbUyYuE0







835 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:51:43.69 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Oh wowwwwww You were so overjoyed you raped him on the spotwwwwww

836 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:52:26.50 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Btw, CanBadge finally came out of the bathroom. He's now sitting somewhere behind me, fiddling with his cell phone.
When I asked him if he's reading this thread, he was like "Hell no!wwwww", but I'm pretty sure he is. I bet the Prez is lurking here too. He's a VIPPER after all.

As soon as the condom was on, I violated him like my life depended on itwwwwww

I remember CanBadge was going "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH". You couldn't call it a moan anymore, it was almost like a screamwwww

837 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:52:41.09 ID:rSbUyYuE0






838 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:52:43.34 ID:LvC8ICp60
Someone call the police, there's a pervert herewwwwwwwww

839 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:52:43.77 ID:6V4rrD6TO
>>829 Thanks!!

840 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:00.78 ID:TcZrb/flO
Just caught up!

841 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:01.09 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
I lost it at "scream"www

842 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:07.24 ID:1RaUlhNw0
What was this thread about again?wwwww

843 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:29.42 ID:/aK33KtwO
  _   ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 CanBadge! CanBadge!

844 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:45.16 ID:rSbUyYuE0





845 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:50.50 ID:TDslQTZ20
Finally caught upwww

I'm pretty late, but happy birthday!

846 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:53:57.30 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
So, how does it feel to be the one to have taken his virginity?wwwwwwwwww

Oh yeah, happy birthday, CanBadgewwwwwwww

847 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:54:55.73 ID:DI/0WoAS0
A masochistic guy screaming out loud while getting violated by a sadistic and perverted womanwwwww What the fuck am I readingwwwww

848 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:55:08.49 ID:rSbUyYuE0





849 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:55:48.74 ID:ay3Wzdly0
CanBadge seemed totally spent already after coming a second time, but I made him come a third time that day. In the end, he looked almost like the life had been sucked out of himwwwwww

Well, this is about how my first sex with CanBadge went.
Even now, I'm always the active one when we do it and I wouldn't have it any other waywwww

850 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:56:48.63 ID:/aK33KtwO
Three orgasms on his first timewwwww
You did well, CanBadgewwwww

851 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:56:51.53 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
>made him come a third time
>a third time

852 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:56:53.84 ID:OYXaBzhRO
OH SHITwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
In b4 both CanBadge and the Prez post in this threadwwwwwwwwwwww

853 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:57:05.90 ID:SBm45RZ4O
I recommend the Polynesian slow way of having sexwwww

854 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:57:17.51 ID:rSbUyYuE0





855 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:57:34.39 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
You haven't tried anal sex etc. yet?

856 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:57:36.14 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
You've really hung in there!!

Prez, post something if you're here.

857 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:57:53.92 ID:Z6c4kAd70
I had a childhood friend who was always sick and rarely came to school.
It was a terminal sickness she was born with and she was told she might only live for 10 more years when she was still in nursery school.
But I was a snotty brat back then and didn't know any of that. I used to play with her like she was a normal child and even made fun of her and so on.

858 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:58:13.00 ID:6V4rrD6TO
Hey, you masochist with the name CanBadge. Are you reading this?

But seriously now, this thread is so good it might actually make it to Hamster Flashwwwwww

859 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:58:13.29 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Are you watching, Prez?

860 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:58:20.17 ID:/aK33KtwO
Prez, if you're reading this, please hire me. I need a job.

861 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:58:31.80 ID:Z6c4kAd70
Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.

862 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:58:52.41 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Take it to a different thread.

I guess you're finished telling your story for now then?
I have to go to work tomorrow, so I'm going to bed now~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

863 : 1 ◆CxhulaZgBg : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:59:29.33 ID:ay3Wzdly0
CanBadge won't shut up about how he wants to thank you guys or something, so I'll let him post for a while.

864 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:59:46.02 ID:6V4rrD6TO
THREE ORGASMSwwwwwwONwwwwwwHISwwwwwwFIRSTwwwwwwTIMEwwwwww

865 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:59:47.71 ID:Lp3i1owb0
CanBadge! Happy birthday!
And thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

866 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 00:59:48.16 ID:/aK33KtwO
  _   ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 CanBadge! CanBadge!

867 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:06.17 ID:NCV/BYHE0
Oh, the now 29-year-old CanBadge will show up, huh?

868 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:39.96 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Calm the fuck down, guyswwwwwwwwww

869 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:50.71 ID:jD8103hN0
Congrats to both 1 and CanBadge.
It was fun.

870 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:56.26 ID:gNRnKEA/0
Oh, so he didn't drown in the bathtubwwwwwwwww

871 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:57.04 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
CanBadge, you lucky motherfuckerwww
I can't believe you got yourself such a great wife. (´;ω;`)bawww

872 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:00:57.17 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Happy Birthday, CanBadge! (・∀・)grin

873 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:05.89 ID:DI/0WoAS0
CanBadge!! I want you to read the whole thread carefully!!

Then you'll see once again how much >>1 cares about you!!

874 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:06.82 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Is that you, Mr. Three-orgasms-on-his-first-time CanBadge?wwwwwwwwwwww

875 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:16.44 ID:IU3exAI8O
Are you reading this!!??

876 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:17.65 ID:6V4rrD6TO
Happy Birthday, CanBadge!!!!!!!!

I think a sadistic woman like her is perfect for a masochistic guy like you!!!!!!!!!!

877 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:20.36 ID:/aK33KtwO
There he iswwww

878 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:28.08 ID:8M/kTW3O0
CanBadge.....(((((((((((((。・_・。)ノ HAPPY BIRTHDAY

879 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:30.56 ID:+N4i8Kw+0
Happy birthday, CanBadge!
There's no woman in this world who'd take a "I won't forget it after all!" as a yeswww Most women would just give up and look for a new guywwwwwwwwww

But well, what I really wanna say is that you've married a wonderful woman. Now make sure you two become happy together.

880 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:31.27 ID:QCBkuuLj0
Tell us how it felt to lose your virginity!

881 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:01:55.47 ID:NCV/BYHE0
No, we won't calm the fuck downw

882 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:03.93 ID:DI/0WoAS0
No, you calm the fuck downwwwwwwww Who's the one who came three times on his first time?wwwwwwwww

883 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:12.18 ID:KCCuxtGp0
You got yourself a great wife. Congrats.

884 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:34.86 ID:OYXaBzhRO

First of all, Happy Birthday and congrats on losing your virginity (though it was years ago)!!

Thank you for making us laugh and cry with your story!!

885 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:35.02 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
I love you, CanBadgewwwwww

886 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:43.13 ID:wmlONnpg0
So you're CanBadge?wwwwwwww

887 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:50.80 ID:rSbUyYuE0
What a wonderful story.....

The End

888 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:53.56 ID:Lp3i1owb0
I bet he's getting his ass kicked by >>1 now because he didn't post thanks like he said he wouldwwwwwwww

889 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:02:53.61 ID:/aK33KtwO
It must have been a miracle that brought CanBadge and >>1 togetherwwww

Or was it fate?wwwwwww

890 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:03:00.09 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
CanBadge!! Happy Birthday & Congrats on your marriage!

You better treasure her!! And make sure you thank the Prez too!

891 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:03:21.18 ID:ewiVGtgLO
Happy birthday(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

892 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:03:43.33 ID:ay3Wzdly0
I don't wanna get my ass kicked, so I'll stop messing around. Thanks for everything, guys.
It's really awkward to read your own story with all the embarrassing parts, so I honestly couldn't bring myself to read all of itwwwww But I read all the congratulation and happy birthday posts. Thank you very much.
Prez!!!!!!! Are you reading this, Prez!!!!?? Everything is ready for our mission tomorrow!!!!!!

893 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:04:13.41 ID:DI/0WoAS0
Gabrin kinda faded out as the story progressed, but the two would have never met if it hadn't been for him.
Alright, I've made up my mind. Gabrin, you can violate my ass if you want.

894 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:04:13.37 ID:/aK33KtwO
Aren't you glad that your ringtone was the "I'm Gonna Be An Angel!" OP?wwwwwwww

895 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:04:33.10 ID:wmlONnpg0
Who said you could use this thread to send messages to the Prez?wwwwwwwww

896 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:05:02.62 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
But you love getting your ass kicked by her, don't you?wwwwwwww

897 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:05:26.86 ID:WDb2MpEyO
Happy Birthday!
I like how you actually went and bought condoms even though you were scared shitless!

What was the message to the Prez at the end about?wwwww

898 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:05:27.37 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
You calm the fuck downwww

899 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:12.60 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
Dude, read the whole thread.
Read it together with >>1 from the beginning.

900 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:15.84 ID:DSwD9ddKO

901 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:20.59 ID:u/iEyQsu0
Prez, if you're reading this, post something.

902 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:22.31 ID:mUMorI5y0
I finally caught up with the thread.

Congrats to >>1 and CanBadge!
Thanks for the heartwarming thread.
Please hang in there from now on too.

903 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:24.20 ID:9gn2A3Uq0
You lucky guywwwwww Live your life happily tied to her apron's stringswwwww
You better take good care of >>1.

904 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:29.96 ID:6V4rrD6TO
CanBadgewwwwww Cute CanBadge is cutewwwwww

Don't you ever let go of >>1, you hear me!? Hang in there, CanBadge!!!! No, I've changed my mind, give >>1 to me!!!!!!!!!!

905 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:31.68 ID:ay3Wzdly0
I hope the thread makes it to 1000 posts. I want this embarrassing thread to quickly reach 1000 posts and fall of the board alreadywwwwwww My wife's taking a bath right now. Ah, I don't mean wife as in my waifu Nerine☆ though. I'm talking about my real wife.

906 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:44.04 ID:tAu60qYOO
Are you gonna have sex tonight as newly-weds?

907 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:56.27 ID:DI/0WoAS0
All the best to you, CanBadgewwwwwww
Invite us to your wedding ceremonywwwwwwwwwwwww

908 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:06:58.40 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Damn, I'm so enviouswwwwwwwwwwww

909 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:07.35 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
Good luck making the two babies she wantswwwwwwwwwwwwww

910 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:27.61 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Why don't you try being the active one tonight?www

911 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:28.19 ID:WE8NcXF60
Sorry to disappoint you, but this is going straight to Hamster Flash where it'll be preserved for eternity.

912 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:28.85 ID:ay3Wzdly0
fast forward

913 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:30.75 ID:/aK33KtwO
Upload a pic of your wife now!

914 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:45.11 ID:OYXaBzhRO
All that's left now is for the Prez to show upwwwwww Hurry it upwwwwww

915 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:47.53 ID:1RaUlhNw0
Give me your wife!

916 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:49.84 ID:KCCuxtGp0
Happy baby-making.

917 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:07:51.66 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
Bragging about your wife, huh? Damn youwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

918 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:02.19 ID:DI/0WoAS0
You're pissing me offwwwwwwww You're pissing me off because you seem so happywwwwwwwwww

919 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:04.35 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Stop spammingwww

920 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:18.70 ID:/aK33KtwO
Heyww Quit wasting precious postswwwww

921 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:19.10 ID:gNRnKEA/0
If this thread gets 1000 posts, >>1 is already pregnant!

922 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:35.71 ID:ay3Wzdly0
>>913 I don't wanna brag, but she's beautiful.

Fast forwarding because I don't want her to read this post.

923 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:37.74 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Fast forward all you want, it's useless. I'm saving this thread anywaywwwww

924 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:08:47.24 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Did you just post that you're gonna go take a pic of her in the bath? Because I think you didwwwwwwwwww

925 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:19.70 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Huh? Why do I suddenly feel like I hate you, CanBadge?

926 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:20.88 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
Tell her personally instead of posting it here.
She'll be on cloud nine, I promisewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

927 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:34.18 ID:ay3Wzdly0
Shut upwwwwwwwwww Why are you guys such an insensitive bunchwwwwwww

fast forward

928 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:34.28 ID:6V4rrD6TO
>>905 CanBadgewwwwww Invite me to your wedding ceremony pleasewwwwww I'll go if it's somewhere in Hokkaidowwwwww

929 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:34.41 ID:/aK33KtwO
Heyw Let your wife post before the thread dies! It's her thread after allwww

930 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:38.92 ID:dqayi/OqO
Look, CanBadge.
Promise you'll make 1 happy for me, okay? (´;ω;`)

931 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:41.83 ID:OYXaBzhRO
Wife, huh?wwwwww A real wife instead of a waifu... I want one too...
Wait, why don't we move this to Part Flash, so you can report about your newly-wed life everyday? I'd love that.

932 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:42.98 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
Looking forward to tonight, aren't we?wwwwwwwwwww

933 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:43.87 ID:hcscLDQS0
Tell us how it felt to lose your virginity!

And stop the fast forwardingww

934 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:46.17 ID:NCV/BYHE0
Tell her face to facew
Tell her you love herw

935 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:47.40 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
And the battle for the 1000th post startswww

936 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:52.27 ID:KCCuxtGp0
Yeah, she must be pretty. She works at a cosmetics counter after all.wwwwwww

Now hurry up and upload pics of herwwwwww

937 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:09:57.62 ID:xeHtCE/P0
Damn you, CanBadgewwwwwwwwwwww You have no idea how jealous I amwwwwwwwwww

938 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:02.78 ID:mUMorI5y0
I'm sure this thread is going to Hamster Flashw
Which means, >>1 can read the thread even after it dies.
So she'll get to read your post in any casew

939 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:09.53 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
You shut up!wwwwww
I'm so jealous because you make such a nice married couple togetherwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

940 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:13.36 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
I feel like turning this story into a mangawwwwwwwww I can't draw for shit thoughwwwwwwww

941 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:23.96 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Let's take this to Part Flashwww

942 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:39.27 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Upload it when it's donewwwwww

943 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:41.41 ID:IU3exAI8O
So, how did it feel like to stick it in for the first time in your life? (・∀・) grin

944 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:53.11 ID:NCV/BYHE0
Hope she gets out of the bath before the thread endsw

945 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:10:55.99 ID:reQRfcp3O
Cute CanBadge is cute.

946 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:05.26 ID:6V4rrD6TO
Quit bragging, CanBadgewwwwww Goddammitwwwwww Stay away, your happiness is rubbing off on mewwwwww Thank youwwwwww

947 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:05.88 ID:DI/0WoAS0
If this is the 1000th post, Gabrin and I will... AHHH!

948 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:07.32 ID:OYXaBzhRO
I said, let's move this thread to Part Flash, CanBadge!!
There's still so much I want to talk to you about!

949 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:35.95 ID:Snh6rC1f0
I love you, CanBadgeww

950 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:37.08 ID:2EGdmt5O0
Seems like more and more people are making blogshit threads lately hoping they'll make it to Hamster Flash.
I don't mind as long as it's interesting enough though...

951 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:11:37.05 ID:ay3Wzdly0
No, I'm not taking this to Part Flashwwwwww When do threads go to Hamster Flash anyway? They don't if they get 1000 posts and die, do they?

fast forward

952 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:08.59 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
If this is the 1000th post, I'll be able to get myself a horny girlfriend like >>1 did.


953 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:27.90 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
You asshole, you just want to keep her to yourselfwww

954 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:31.06 ID:QCBkuuLj0
All you have to do is save the thread and upload it on Hamster Flashw

955 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:38.93 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
Quit spamming the thread with fast forwardswwwwwwwwwww
Why don't you hold a wedding ceremony?wwwwwww I'll drop by if it's in Shizuokawwwwwwwwwww

956 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:43.71 ID:KCCuxtGp0
You can't prevent it from happening. Deal with itwwwwwwww

957 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:44.89 ID:reQRfcp3O
If this is the 1000th post, they'll be a happy married couple their whole lives.

958 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:12:58.47 ID:ay3Wzdly0
fast forward fast forward

By the way, about how it felt to lose my virginity...

I'm not telling! Dun!

959 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:00.66 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
Threads with 1000 posts make it to Hamster Flash toowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

960 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:01.63 ID:osC8KLREO
Make the next thread, CanBadgewww

961 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:16.74 ID:OYXaBzhRO
CanBadge... Why are you so cold to us...? Aren't we friends...? We love you, you know...?

962 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:25.24 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Tell us!www

963 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:37.84 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
UEHARAAAAAA!!!!! I'm sorry, leader!!

964 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:42.33 ID:/aK33KtwO
What a downerwwww

965 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:44.80 ID:KziDD5wIO
CanBadge is braggingwwww
Happy Birthdaywww

966 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:13:49.40 ID:NCV/BYHE0
Isn't "I'm not telling! Dun!" from a really old TV commercial?w

967 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:14:04.51 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
You son of a bitchwww

968 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:14:38.28 ID:ay3Wzdly0
>>961 Oh, really? I'm sorry then. orz What do you guys want me to do then? I'll do anything except posting a pic of my dick.

969 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:14:40.20 ID:6V4rrD6TO
Yeah, there's been way too many troll threads aiming at Hamster Flash lately, but this one is different, I know it.

Is it because you wanna keep >>1 to yourself that you don't want your SM story to end up on Hamster Flash?

970 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:00.24 ID:p6P6CRLMO
Happy birthday, CanBadge.
I'll marry a VIPPER next month toow
Let's both try our best to become happy, okay?

971 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:07.99 ID:gNRnKEA/0
So, where do we go once this thread is full?
Will someone post the link to the next thread?wwwwwwwww

972 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:10.51 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Post pics of your wife!!!

973 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:21.76 ID:wmlONnpg0
Upload a pic of your wife.

974 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:30.43 ID:IU3exAI8O
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge will be the active one for a change tonight.

975 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:29.71 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge and >>1 will have 5 kids.

And we'll all find ourselves pretty, horny wives that understand otaku, just like >>1 did.

976 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:37.42 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
Post a pic of your wife.

977 : A CanBadge-like person : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:48.18 ID:ay3Wzdly0
>>969 Look, if it was for me, I'd have long posted that the whole thing is made up even though it isn't. orz What was my wife thinking... orzorzorz

978 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:15:57.43 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
Are we going to Part Flash yet? (・∀・ )っ/凵⌒☆

979 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:02.17 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
I wish we could arrange a wedding ceremony for themwwwwww

980 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:08.90 ID:Lp3i1owb0
>>968 Sorry for the cliche question, but how has your life changed since you've met her?

981 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:09.63 ID:reQRfcp3O

I don't want to end up a tool for others to make money off.

982 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:12.40 ID:DSwD9ddKO
>>698 Post pics of >>1.

983 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:14.85 ID:DI/0WoAS0
If this is the 1000th post, the Prez' company goes bankruptwwwww

984 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:15.69 ID:NCV/BYHE0
It's all because someone had to come home so late.

985 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:30.38 ID:ZZDX5d6lO
I want you to post a pic of yourself, CanBadge. It doesn't have to show your whole face either, just a pic of your eyes is fine.

986 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:36.40 ID:jzfJ4NsQO
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge will make a new thread called "I don't have anything to do. Will you listen to my love story? - CanBadge version".

987 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:16:49.42 ID:Ny1WG2Dq0
You should be proud of your wife instead because she loves you so muchwwwwwww

988 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:09.97 ID:mUMorI5y0
I want a pic of the Prez.

989 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:13.77 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
If this is the 1000th post, we'll all become happy.

990 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:15.84 ID:KCCuxtGp0
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge will make a new thread and tell us his side of the story.

991 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:20.62 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
If this is >>1000, luck will smile on us too!

But I want luck to smile on CanBadge and >>1 even more!!!

992 : 1 : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:22.15 ID:6V2vXBBY0
May you two become happy togetherwww

993 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:24.02 ID:ewiVGtgLO
If this is >>1000, you guys will all be able to find yourselves girlfriends.

994 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:24.33 ID:3OzgDW2w0
You better treasure your wife.

995 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:28.83 ID:LE30GyUZO
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge's dick will fall off.

996 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:28.89 ID:9Qxo2xGR0
If this is the 1000th post, >>975 will happen.

997 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:32.26 ID:UwPGtUSS0
You better make love to her tonight like it's the last thing you'll ever do, Can!

998 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:36.01 ID:/vNQRnFQ0
If this is the 1000th post, CanBadge and 1 will have two cute little kids and live together happily ever after.

999 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:36.81 ID:OrRU2Y9XO
If this is >>1000, I too will be able to get myself a sadistic girlfriend and become happy!
Oh yeah, that goes for you guys toowww

1000 : VIPPER : 2008/02/03(Sun) 01:17:37.34 ID:zfAH+CiJ0
If this is >>1000, luck will smile on us too!

But I want luck to smile on CanBadge and >>1 even more!!!

1001 : 1001 :Over 1000 Thread
   Only   /
  kinder-  /   _,、-───‐-、、
 garteners l,.'´           `ヽ、            _,..-─ ─- 、._)   Eh?
 could get i :::.              \         ,.' ´         .ヽ  For real?
 away with l::::::.              `rィ     /            . . :i  Happy
  being happy _ゝ:::               ノ彡 _,、/             . . :.:く normal-
 normalfags j::::::               イ彡; j{ニj             . . :.:j`厶 fags!?
 nowadays ヽ:::,;-==ェ;、   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ イ,ィイ} }トノ      ,       . . :ノニ...ヽ
-┐     ,√:::´ :===、_::)  f';,,:===、_ ゙ゞ'¨ヾ H  , -─、  i ゞ==ー、._. :.:.に二ニ ⌒Y⌒ヽ
  レ'⌒ヽ/. ! ::..     ̄´.::;i,  i `'' ̄   レ,イj.〈ハ'´,rェエ,I>  r ニエユ,ミュ一 : `マ尨._  リ
       l゙Y、:::::.     ,ィ::;   ゙iヽ       ,jノ/  Y    ‐f  ...       : : : : Y´r Y
      i ,j::゙,::::::::::::/ ーゞ,,,rー'`ヾ、   / i ,j.   !   ,..」  . :.::.、      : :,: :  h |
        `|::::ゝ::::::′`ー====-'   / !'    l   / ゞ、__,. -ーヘ、  . :.:〃:: : : ヲ,イ
人_,、ノL_,iノ!|::::;;i:::::::..   `ー--‐'     !  |_人__人ノ_  i   __      `i. :.:. :ノ:: : し'´ ::|
  GAHA  !、::::}::`、   ` ̄´   ,! ,!  ,!「     L_.  ー─ -..、_  . ! :.:.:.:i: :: : |: : : :|
 HAHAHA  {|`ヽ、::::;;ヽ       / ,ノ /ノ  How 了.  ー‐-、  ..  . . :.::,': :: :: |: /|\
 HAHAHA  ヽ   \:::\    , イ,イレ'  ) lame  |     "''    : :../::/: :: :/  ,イ::::::\
 HAHAHA  >    `ー、`二二彳´     !   !!!!  (j.       . :.::./:://  ,.'´/:::::::::::
   !!!!!!!  /;|     ,イ´.:.:.:.:.:.:`,!     ノ       > 、   . . :.:::_ィ‐'´ ,. '´ _,/::::::::::::::: 
                                          We've reached post 1001 after a long time.